Referrals and Shared Professional Relationships

Hertz Schram PC recently celebrated its 34th anniversary. History and experience have proved to be great teachers.

In October 1979 the firm employed two attorneys - the firm's founders Howard Hertz and Brad Schram - and one secretary. Presently the firm consists of some 25 attorneys, and more than 30 support staff members. Presently the firm occupies more than 20,000 square feet of commercial space overlooking a picturesque lake in prestigious Bloomfield Hills. Through the contributions of the firm's partners and associates, Hertz Schram PC's personal reputation and stature grew. The firm moved from being a "no name" to a "brand name" - a place all of us proudly call our professional home and a place others view with admiration, respect and esteem.

Presently, the firm represents both Fortune 500 Companies as well as smaller closely held companies and many individuals in a variety of practice areas. We are proud of our reputation of obtaining good results while taking a vested interest in each and every client and each and every legal matter. As our clients have grown, we have grown with them.

A considerable part of our growth has not only been the result of client referrals but attorney referrals as well. It is not uncommon that we are referred matters by opposing counsel. Some referrals are for matters that pertain to state and federal courts located in the Detroit Metropolitan region of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Genesee, Washtenaw, and Livingston counties. Other referrals are typically for engagements in areas in which we practice nationally, such as securities litigation and ERISA--Pension Benefits class actions, and certain criminal matters.

Additionally, attorneys and accountants refer clients on a shared professional basis to assist or co-counsel in areas or situations where greater expertise is needed.

Our firm welcomes the referral of

  • Matters outside your area of expertise
  • Matters where there is a personal, legal, or ethical conflict of interest
  • Matters in the Detroit Metropolitan area that are either too inconvenient or distance prohibitive and/or matters where credibility and experience with local courts and judges can make a difference

Matters involving securities litigation, ERISA-pension benefits, and criminal cases irrespective of geography

Over the years attorneys have grown comfortable with referrals to Hertz Schram PC as their original client relationships remain sacred. We honor fee sharing arrangements sanctioned by the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct.

Please contact us to discuss any matters you may wish to refer or if you need local counsel.