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Can You Keep a (Trust) Secret?

By Attorney Kenneth F. Silver A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about how one cannot keep a will secret postmortem. But the same issue also comes up often with respect to trusts. The answer this…

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Understanding how intellectual property is protected in Michigan

Protecting their creations through patents, trademarks and copyrights may be vital to people maintaining the integrity of their intellectual property. Intellectual property – creations of the human mind – are essential to people’s and business’ operation and success. Unfortunately, the…

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Things I need to know about wage and hour laws in Michigan?

Discover what you need to know as a new business owner about Michigan’s wage and hour laws. Also, learn special rules for workers under 18 years old. When a person starts a new business in Michigan, one of the most…

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Survey shows cellphone users more likely to be risky drivers

Using a cellphone while driving is extremely dangerous behavior. Even if the driver is making a call with a hands-free device, using a cellphone takes attention off the task of driving, making it more likely that the driver will…

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Supreme Court case may drastically impact Michigan patent cases

A U.S. Supreme Court case could lead to an influx of patent cases coming back to Michigan. The United States Supreme Court could soon rule on a case that could ultimately have a major effect on how patent cases are…

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State representative charged with drunk driving

Michigan State Representative Bob Genteski was charged with drunk driving in early 2012 after being stopped by a Michigan State University police officer. Rep. Genteski cooperated when the police officer asked him to do a field sobriety test, which typically consists…

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Nursing home negligence: The potential danger of improper bed rails

When bed rails are thought of they are normally believed to be a safety device, but it seems that the design of some bed rails and their inappropriate use has lead to a significant risk of injury or death…

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New state law makes mortgage fraud a felony

Michigan is taking a strong stand on mortgage fraud. New state laws that went into effect at the start of the year have redefined mortgage fraud in the eyes of the law and outline strict consequences for perpetrators. Residential mortgage…

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New software may mean more criminal charges in Oakland County, Michigan

Police departments in Michigan are cutting down on crime by using a new form of crime analytics. The software, CrimeView Dashboard, allows officers to analyze seven different points of data in an effort to reduce the rate of felonies…

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Michigan Transportation Institute sees rise in traffic fatalities

While many types of negligence lead to personal injuries, one of the most frequent and most harmful causes is motor vehicle accidents. The extreme forces and violence of car, truck and motorcycle accidents are all too frequently severe enough to cause the…

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