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Thank you to attorneys Howard Hertz and Joseph Bellanca, my power house legal team at Hertz Schram, for negotiating the screenwriting deal and contract – now I have a producer from NY attached. You guys are the pros in everything.

— Lance K.

Working with Attorney Joe Bellanca has been nothing short of phenomenal! His ability to cater to an artist needs in the ever-changing climate of the music industry is not only impressive but admirable. Joe has built and maintained my trust, 100%.

— Chad N.

I have had many cases against attorney Victor Norris. He is a formidable opposing counsel and fierce advocate on behalf of his clients. Yet, he is refreshingly  civil and respectful, but nonetheless effective and persuasive. I always feel he deeply cares about each of his clients and cases. I sense he makes his clients feel their case is the most important he has ever handled. His oral advocacy in court is skilled and the product of many years of experience. His written court submissions are thorough and among the most scholarly I have seen. His credibility and integrity with city attorneys, assistant prosecutors, and Judges enhances securing the best result possible for his clients. Victor Norris’s clients are well served. Hopefully, they realize that.

— Local City Attorney

I regarded attorney Victor Norris one of the elite attorneys practicing in the Wayne Circuit Court who appeared before me in my courtroom. He was always prepared, thorough, and skilled. He was an intense and effective advocate on behalf of his client in open court and his written submissions were well reasoned and scholarly. I deemed him a credible attorney with integrity. I am not known for heaping such praise on many of the attorneys who practiced in my court room. But, Victor Norris’s clients were extremely well served.

— Former Chief Judge Richard C. Kaufmann (Retired) – Wayne County Circuit Court

Attorney Michael Rex was able to successfully intercede on my behalf in a prompt fashion and prevent what would have been a very negative result. He is a highly competent, thoughtful and effective defense attorney.

Attorney Michael Rex is a class A+ attorney and guy!

Couldn’t be happier with the results of all attorney Eva Cantarella’s hard work and expertise, it brings some hope in these tense times.

— Jim Link

Attorney Eva Cantarella will never know to what extent she has helped so many families. Her tireless efforts on our behalf are appreciated from the bottom of my heart. Although emotions and uncertainty was understandably high, she knew this and kept us all informed the best you could. I for one became excited and relieved whenever I would see “Eva Cantarella” in my inbox. She truly is a remarkable person and a great lawyer. But more than that, she was always willing to listen and explain things in layman’s terms for those of us law jargon challenged. I just want to thank you for all you have done and for all you have yet to do. 

— Bill Batkins (aka Merle Batkins)

Attorney Daniel Rucker provided our church with legal advocacy that was both highly skilled and readily accessible. His knowledge of the law and his ability to communicate and negotiate resulted in a very positive outcome in a situation we believed might have been impossible to resolve.

— Marlene W.

Attorney Daniel Rucker was referred to me from a satisfied client. I, too, found my experience with Mr. Rucker very satisfactory. He was able to recover money, that I thought was gone forever, through perseverance and hard work. He was able to get the judgment I needed and all at a reasonable cost. I also was very impressed with his quick response to all my questions and concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others in need of a good lawyer!

— Nancy G.

I would definitely recommend attorney Elizabeth Thomson. What makes her phenomenal is her compassion. She genuinely wanted to resolve my cases and ensure that I wouldn’t have any future problems. I felt like she was family and a best friend. I wouldn’t have been able to make it without her perseverance and will recommend her to anyone who wants an attorney who cares about her clients.

— Arrwa Mogalli

I have worked closely with attorney Laurie Raab for many years on a variety of legal matters. Laurie provided services for my family related to purchases and sales of real property, probate concerns, mortgages and land contracts, and other family office issues. Laurie responds quickly and provides value far in excess of the fees charged. In every case Laurie showed technical expertise and outstanding judgment. I will continue to use Laurie’s services whenever I need legal advice.

— Steven R. Weisberg

We have been working with attorney Laurie Raab in all of our real estate purchases or selling endeavors for many years. Whether personal or commercial ventures, we have found her to be the most thorough attorney we have dealt with in real estate. We have recommended her to anyone looking for her type of services.

— Skip & Angie Special, Special Tool & Engineering, Inc

I will never be able to say thank you enough to attorney Steve Weiss. He is one heck of a good lawyer and a very caring, compassionate person. Who could ask for more! My words convey so little when my heart feels so very much. Forever grateful.

— Jacqueline

Attorney Ken Silver is a true professional, he is very quick with answers and accurate. His passion for his work shows in our conversations, it has been a real pleasure working with him.

— Daniel

Great team of Lawyers at Hertz Schram. I would highly recommend attorney Ken Silver and his team.

— Steve

Our family has relied on attorney Jeffrey Robbins to guide us through multi-generational matters for over three decades. In that time, we have sought his counsel if all facets of our business and personal tax and estate planning issues, culminating in the sale of our company and continuing to represent us in all personal and business matters. He has been with us even as we moved our entire family and operations to the East Coast over 20 years ago.

We have used Hertz Schram for over a decade. They know our corporation inside and out, understand the automotive market and support our HR Dept in legal support with employee/401K/Insurance/Payroll concerns. I find them an invaluable resource especially in this country where you need the best legal support. Any of our people can contact them for concerns relating to contract, HR, tax or other items of concern. They are also experienced in dealing with public companies.

As a long-term, now over 10-year customer of Hertz Schram, and client to both attorneys Howard Hertz and Jerry Cavellier, it might be a slight exaggeration to say I owe these two gentlemen a debt I may never be able to repay, yet it would be an understatement to say they are just my lawyers.

I met Howard through a friend when I very much needed his help at the inception of a difficult divorce.  I also was amid a treacherous business lawsuit with my young company, and frankly at our first meeting was not sure where to start. Now an old friend, I often think about that first meeting and smile.  Howard, a well-known attorney with years of experience, knew exactly what to say, and quickly helped me sort through my next steps.

With Jerry’s decades of family law under his belt, we were able, with months of hard work, to turn a nightmare into a fair outcome for all concerned.  In a difficult family court setting, Jerry could distill, and further explain complex business matters to the court’s satisfaction and found a way to keep my family intact through what might have otherwise been a complete loss and irreparable damage.  My precious children, then all tender, came through it wonderfully, one now a doctor, and another a fortune 50 Executive, have good relationships with both of their parents, and due to a fair and well managed judgment, got to see their dad as much as their mother, and always felt safe and protected.

In other words, without Jerry and Howard I would have lost my family. Moreover, over the years, Jerry and Howard have always been there to take calls, help with tax matters, review business documents, estate plans, and overall just talk me off the ledge from time to time. I recommend them to anyone that needs solid experienced family and business planning as their best choice.

— John Ogren

With a blue-chip roster of rockers and rappers… and musical genres in between, attorney Howard Hertz is one of the top entertainment lawyers around. [Elmore] Leonard describes Hertz as “extremely intelligent, aggressive and he knows what he is doing…I don’t think there’s any glamour involved in it…he saves me a lot of money,” Leonard says, and quips, “I have never been in jail.”

— The Oakland Press

Attorney Howard Hertz is probably the best-known entertainment lawyer in town…When he began repping local producers Mark & Jeff Bass, it led to a relationship with one Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem.

— Detroit Metro Times “People Got the Power”

Entertainment attorney Howard Hertz has represented numerous musicians, authors, screenwriters, recording artists, radio personalities, producers, etc., since 1976. Marilyn Manson, Elmore Leonard, George Clinton and the Insane Clown Posse have all been on his client list at one time or another. Most recently, he was sitting beside ICP at the press conference announcing their lawsuit against the FBI. His Bloomfield Hills office is filled with records, figurines, a Marilyn Manson mask, and signed posters – one Eminem poster reads, “Thanks for keeping me out of jail.” It’s not easy being Howard Hertz.

— Detroit Metro Times “A Talk with Eminem Attorney Howard Hertz”

“I valued the PERSONAL interest in my case. I felt totally confident because she LISTENS, is attentive and cared deeply about me, my emotions and the case. The ongoing personal attention was unbelievable. The service I received by everyone was remarkable. The whole office made me feel like I was her only case. I knew I was dealing with an expert who was super intelligent, knowledgeable and extremely confident.”

— Former NCAA Division 1 Women’s Basketball Head Coach

“You don’t have to chase ambulances, your clients come to you. You make your clients’ problems yours in the courtroom with the utmost professionalism. Forever glad that you were part of our lives.”

— Chet Politowicz

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