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Class action litigation provides a mechanism for large groups of individuals to join forces to challenge a common violation of law to accomplish a common remedy. Hertz Schram has an impressive track record in successfully bringing class actions on behalf of similarly situated people to secure significant monetary and equitable relief. Hertz Schram has resolved class action cases based on violations of state and federal anti-discrimination laws and claims arising out of environmental disasters, like the Enbridge oil spill resulting in recoveries in the millions of dollars. We are presently assisting children in the City of Flint in the water crisis case.

In recent years, Hertz Schram has observed an increase in employees who are pursuing claims for wage and hours under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA requires covered employers to pay non-exempt employees minimum wages for all hours worked and overtime for hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a workweek.

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FLSA claims arise where employers:

1) Misclassify non-exempt employees and exempt
2) Wrongly deduct money from exempt workers’ salaries
3) Fail to compensate non-exempt employees for all of their hours worked (e.g. working “off the clock” or giving comp time in lieu of pay)
4) Miscalculate of or fail to pay overtime to non-exempt employees

The FLSA allows individuals to collectively sue their current or former employers for alleged violations of wage and hour laws, including the failure to pay overtime. Although a collective action case is similar to a class action case, the FLSA’s collective action process, unlike a class action, requires individuals to affirmatively consent, in writing, to become a party to the case. If he/she does not consent to participate in the collective action, he/she does not benefit from the case is not bound by a settlement or judgment in the case.

If you suspect you have suffered an injury or damages that may trigger or be the subject of a class or collective action, you should take advantage of the experience of Hertz Schram’s specialists. We are thorough, creative and trustworthy and will provide you with the right advice and representation.

  • Environmental-nuisance, negligence, interference with use and enjoyment of property rights
  • Employment-discrimination
  • Fair Labor Standards Act – wage & hour, overtime collective action
  • Federal trucking regulations and Michigan Motor Vehicle Repair Act
  • Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)
  • Flint water cases

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