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The Hertz Schram Paradigm

Hertz Schram is a firm of core values, yet constant reinvention. Over a forty year history as a full-service law firm, we have adhered to the fundamentals of client service and expertise. Our veteran attorneys are highly respected in courtrooms and boardrooms throughout our community and across the country.

Our next generation lawyers bring an energized dynamic, adding new practice areas and ideas and exploiting the constantly evolving technology needed for the 21st century practice of law. Innovation, growth, and flexibility define our firm culture, always inviting the question – what’s next?

Some things at Hertz Schram, however, remain constant. Our dedication to our clients will never change.

Coming Full Circle

It’s been more than forty years since the founders of Hertz Schram PC began their careers in Detroit. Now, we’re returning to the city where it all began, and where it’s all beginning again.

This is the story of constant reinvention. Like the city of Detroit, we’re looking for ways to grow and change and be better as a result. We’re not revisiting the past, we’re reinventing the future. Adding new areas of practice, and fresh talent with new ideas. We haven’t walked away from who we are. To the contrary. We’re returning to it. Watch where we go from here.

Our Michigan Law Firm Management & Administrative Team

Detroit Corporate Law Firm – Personal Attorneys Proudly Serving Bloomfield Hills, MI, Detroit, MI & The Surrounding Areas


Victor M. Norris


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