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Howard Hertz, Joe Bellanca, and the team of lawyers at Hertz Schram have built a reputation as Michigan’s leaders in the area of entertainment and media law. Hertz Schram has been representing and advocating for artists and entertainers in Michigan and across the country for four decades, providing strategic and customized legal representation to meet the needs of our individual, corporate, educational, and automotive clients with respect to their entertainment and media-related needs. Our clients include recording artists, writers, musicians, radio and television personalities, record labels, music festivals and venues, music publishing and licensing companies, fashion designers, novelists, filmmakers, production companies, advertising and creative agencies, social media influencers and all others who create, perform, or distribute creative works.

Michigan Entertainment Law Firm & Detroit Media Attorneys

Hertz Schram’s entertainment and media law team offers practical advice that provides clients with a sense of security and comfort throughout their entire career. We take time to learn about you, what you do, the art you create, the music you write or perform, the films you make, and how we can protect your incredible creations and assist you in achieving your career goals. We view things from both business and legal perspectives, advising clients on business and personal decisions that create long lasting effects and successful opportunities.

Our attorneys have guided the careers and represented Grammy award winners and nominees, Olympic Gold medalists, multi-platinum selling artists, songwriters, and producers, internationally known and iconic music festivals and record labels, and the estates of celebrities and highly regarded songwriters and performers. Throughout our practice, we have also protected the brands and reputation of emerging and established athletes, celebrities, trend-setting fashion designers, and multi-national corporations.

As a result of our dedication to our clients and passion for the entertainment industry, Hertz Schram’s entertainment and media attorneys are recognized as top honorees in entertainment law, guest lecture at law schools across the country as well as at international music and film conferences and festivals, and serve as experts, mediators, arbitrators, and consultants on complex, high profile entertainment disputes.

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  • Contract negotiations and drafting
  • Recording agreements
  • Producer and engineer agreements
  • Touring and live performance agreements and transactions
  • Performance and appearance agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Songwriting agreements
  • Screenwriter agreements
  • Music and film manufacturing, distribution and production agreements
  • Music and literary publishing agreements
  • Band agreements
  • Licensing and merchandising agreements
  • Music placement in television, film, commercials and video games
  • New media rights
  • Music festival representation
  • Personal appearances and autograph signings
  • Talent and employment agreements
  • Talent procurement for live events and personal appearances
  • Event budget analysis
  • Sponsorship, endorsement and merchandising agreements for events, artists, individuals and entities
  • Event marketing, advertising and promotion budget and media purchasing analysis
  • Risk management assessment
  • Vendor agreements
  • Participant waivers and releases
  • Broadcast licenses
  • Copyright and trademark licensing, registration, protection, maintenance and enforcement
  • Copyright and trademark infringement defense and prosecution
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act compliance and enforcement
  • Royalty determination and collection
  • Copyright reversion
  • Reputation management
  • Business entity formation
  • Crowd funding
  • Publicity and privacy rights
  • Film financing agreements and private placement memoranda
  • Option and purchase agreements
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Litigation involving entertainment industry related issues including copyrights, trademarks, transactions, royalty and business disputes
  • Corporate and securities law for entertainment companies

Your Entertainment Law Attorneys

Our firm was founded on the belief that our clients deserve the best possible representation in disputes, litigation and transactions.
Everyday, our attorneys strive to provide it.

Michigan Entertainment Law Firm – Media Attorneys Serving The Areas Of Bloomfield Hills, MI & Detroit, MI

Howard Hertz


"I have successfully and aggressively represented creatives and their entities for more than forty years. "

Joseph A. Bellanca


"I’m a fearless negotiator and solutions-oriented advocate for my clients in protecting their creations and enforcing their rights."


With a blue-chip roster of rockers and rappers… and musical genres in between, attorney Howard Hertz is one of the top entertainment lawyers around. [Elmore] Leonard describes Hertz as “extremely intelligent, aggressive and he knows what he is doing…I don’t think there’s any glamour involved in it…he saves me a lot of money,” Leonard says, and quips, “I have never been in jail.”

The Oakland Press

Attorney Howard Hertz is probably the best-known entertainment lawyer in town…When he began repping local producers Mark & Jeff Bass, it led to a relationship with one Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem.

Detroit Metro Times “People Got the Power”

Entertainment attorney Howard Hertz has represented numerous musicians, authors, screenwriters, recording artists, radio personalities, producers, etc., since 1976. Marilyn Manson, Elmore Leonard, George Clinton and the Insane Clown Posse have all been on his client list at one time or another. Most recently, he was sitting beside ICP at the press conference announcing their lawsuit against the FBI. His Bloomfield Hills office is filled with records, figurines, a Marilyn Manson mask, and signed posters – one Eminem poster reads, “Thanks for keeping me out of jail.” It’s not easy being Howard Hertz.

Detroit Metro Times “A Talk with Eminem Attorney Howard Hertz”

Thank you to attorneys Howard Hertz and Joseph Bellanca, my power house legal team at Hertz Schram, for negotiating the screenwriting deal and contract - now I have a producer from NY attached. You guys are the pros in everything.

Lance K.

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