Mergers and Acquisitions

The mergers and acquisitions team at Hertz Schram has years of experience in guiding clients through the process of merging business or acquiring businesses, which are complex processes that business owners require expert guidance in. 

Business mergers are one of the most common instances that the public will hear about. Even so, most people never hear or learn about what goes on behind the scenes in order to make these exchanges possible. Hertz Schram’s mergers and acquisitions team has decades of combined experience in guiding business owners through the complexities of business mergers and acquisitions, making for the best possible outcome for all corporate members involved. Business mergers and acquisitions can involve many different business processes such as acquisitions and dispositions of business interests, taxable and tax-free transactions, mergers, consolidations, tenders, share exchanges, stock and asset purchases, joint ventures, leveraged buyouts, acquisitive reorganizations, Employee Stock Ownership Plan acquisitions, and sale and redemption combinations.

Hertz Schram’s merger and acquisition attorneys, as any mergers and acquisitions team should be, are a cross-disciplinary team of attorneys who possess expertise in a variety of different business matters that extend far beyond corporate law. Business mergers and acquisitions can involve many different areas of business law that include labor and employee relations, employee and member benefits, property and real estate law, intellecual perperty laws and regulations, and other areas of business law. An experienced mergers and acquisitions team should also typically possess experience in guiding firms through these matters in a variety of industries, which can include the health sector, energy, banking and financial services, and other industries. Hertz Schram will create the best possible team for your own specific legal matters, and we have experience in structuring these teams to conduct complex transitions with outcomes that our clients are highly satisfied with. 

Our mergers and acquisitions services at Hertz Schram include many different complex areas of mergers and acquisitions law such as: 

  • Interpreting basic corporate, anti-takeover and control share statutes
  • Creating and negotiating transactions to meet business objectives, including tax benefits
  • Negotiating and documenting any financing necessary to consummate acquisitions
  • Preparing required filings under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act
  • Seeking and opposing approval from the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission
  • Structuring transactions to comply with securities laws and filing appropriate documents

Hertz Schrams expert legal teams can provide your business with all of the business legal services and guidance that you need in order to complete successful corporate merges and acquisitions, providing complex legal guidance in a variety of situations in many different industries. 

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Bradley J. Schram

Of Counsel

"I attempt to treat each individual with the dignity and respect with which I want to be treated."

Robert P. Geller


"I am relentless in pursuit of my client’s objectives, drawing upon thirty – seven years of experience to formulate creative solutions to their problems."

Jeffrey A. Robbins

Of Counsel

"A seasoned and experienced attorney with over 40 years of hands on experience working with clients and their other professionals to achieve their business and estate planning objectives on a multi-generational basis."

Kenneth F. Silver


"I’m direct, responsive and an effective fighter for my clients."

Laurie S. Raab


"I am extremely sensitive to legal fees. By being cost-conscious, highly efficient, and proactive, I add tremendous value for my clients."

John Monnich Jr.

Senior Attorney

"I seek to understand a client’s business to better serve the client’s goals. "

Eric Berlin


"I am a zealous and skillful advocate, and I am driven to achieve the best possible results for my clients through high quality legal representation, pragmatic problem-solving, and clear communication."

Kristen Hunter Randall


"Exceptionally thorough, attentive to detail, and committed to producing only high-quality work product"


We have used Hertz Schram for over a decade. They know our corporation inside and out, understand the automotive market and support our HR Dept in legal support with employee/401K/Insurance/Payroll concerns. I find them an invaluable resource especially in this country where you need the best legal support. Any of our people can contact them for concerns relating to contract, HR, tax or other items of concern. They are also experienced in dealing with public companies.

Attorney Ken Silver is a true professional, he is very quick with answers and accurate. His passion for his work shows in our conversations, it has been a real pleasure working with him.


Great team of Lawyers at Hertz Schram. I would highly recommend attorney Ken Silver and his team.


Our family has relied on attorney Jeffrey Robbins to guide us through multi-generational matters for over three decades. In that time, we have sought his counsel if all facets of our business and personal tax and estate planning issues, culminating in the sale of our company and continuing to represent us in all personal and business matters. He has been with us even as we moved our entire family and operations to the East Coast over 20 years ago.

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