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Do you have a pension issue or problem? If so, our pension lawyers may be able to help. Hertz Schram PC is one of the leading law firms in the country helping participants and beneficiaries recover the pension and retirement benefits to which they are legally entitled.

In just the past 15 years, we have recovered over $120 million in pension and retirement benefits for over 20,000 pension plan participants and their beneficiaries.

Bloomfield Hills, MI Pension Attorneys & Detroit Retirement Plan Law Firm

Hertz Schram’s Pension Lawyers Are Uniquely Qualified To Answer Your Pension Questions And Help Resolve Your Pension Problems

The activities of our pension lawyers have been reported in numerous publications and on many websites, including:

• The Wall Street Journal
• IBL Class Action Reporter
• Lawyers Weekly USA
• Entrepreneur Magazine
• The Washington Post
• The Detroit News
• Crains Detroit Business News
• Gannet News
• The Cincinnati Enquirer
• The Hartford Courant
• Tax Analysts
• The Poughkeepsie Journal
• Michigan Benefits & Business

In addition, our lead pension lawyer, Eva Cantarella, has presented on pension issues in a wide variety of fora, including giving testimony in Washington DC to the IRS and U.S. Department of Treasury on regulations governing pension plans.

For a free consultation on your pension issue, contact Eva Cantarella at (248) 975-7272 or Please also visit our Pension Justice 4 You Facebook Page where you will find interesting pension information, news, and legal resources.

Your Pension & Retirement Benefits Attorneys

Our firm was founded on the belief that our clients deserve the best possible representation in disputes, litigation and transactions.
Everyday, our attorneys strive to provide it.

Detroit Retirement Benefits Law Firm – Pension Attorneys Serving Bloomfield Hills, MI & Detroit, MI

Robert P. Geller


"I am relentless in pursuit of my client’s objectives, drawing upon thirty – seven years of experience to formulate creative solutions to their problems."

Eva Cantarella


"I strive to put forth my best efforts for each and every client, and to ensure each client is completely satisfied."


Attorney Eva Cantarella will never know to what extent she has helped so many families. Her tireless efforts on our behalf are appreciated from the bottom of my heart. Although emotions and uncertainty was understandably high, she knew this and kept us all informed the best you could. I for one became excited and relieved whenever I would see "Eva Cantarella" in my inbox. She truly is a remarkable person and a great lawyer. But more than that, she was always willing to listen and explain things in layman's terms for those of us law jargon challenged. I just want to thank you for all you have done and for all you have yet to do. 

Bill Batkins (aka Merle Batkins)

Couldn't be happier with the results of all attorney Eva Cantarella's hard work and expertise, it brings some hope in these tense times.

Jim Link

We have used Hertz Schram for over a decade. They know our corporation inside and out, understand the automotive market and support our HR Dept in legal support with employee/401K/Insurance/Payroll concerns. I find them an invaluable resource especially in this country where you need the best legal support. Any of our people can contact them for concerns relating to contract, HR, tax or other items of concern. They are also experienced in dealing with public companies.

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