Criminal Defense (Federal White-Collar Crimes)

  • Internal investigations
  • Grand jury witness and corporate representation
  • Fraud charges (mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, healthcare fraud, Medicaid and Medicare fraud, insurance fraud, and tax fraud)
  • Interstate commerce violations
  • Public corruption
  • RICO and racketeering charges
  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering
  • Internet crimes
  • Perjury
  • Bribery
  • Health care fraud offenses (involving Federal and State law)
  • Tax offenses (evasion, false statement, conspiracy)
  • Environmental violations
  • United States Customs violations

Corporate Criminal Defense Attorney in Detroit & Bloomfield Hills, MI

A federal charge involving a white-collar crime is a complex matter. These are sophisticated cases that we believe deserve sophisticated and aggressive cutting-edge representation.

At Hertz Schram, our attorneys have the experience, the knowledge and the creativity to design legal strategies dedicated to getting our clients through these cases. Each of our attorneys has significant criminal defense experience and experience working as assistant United States attorneys, prosecuting attorneys and as an assistant attorney general.

For a consultation about federal charges with white-collar criminal defense attorney, email or call us at (248) 975-7272.

Your Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our firm was founded on the belief that our clients deserve the best possible representation in disputes, litigation and transactions.
Everyday, our attorneys strive to provide it.

Detroit White-Collar Criminal Defense Law Firm – Federal Corporate Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving the Areas of Bloomfield Hills, MI & Detroit, MI

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"Exceptionally thorough, attentive to detail, and committed to producing only high-quality work product"


Attorney Michael Rex is a class A+ attorney and guy!

Attorney Michael Rex was able to successfully intercede on my behalf in a prompt fashion and prevent what would have been a very negative result. He is a highly competent, thoughtful and effective defense attorney.

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