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Attorney Gerald Cavellier: Throughout all of that your professionalism stood out, now I know why you get the acclaim you do from a variety of sources and I consider myself proud to be one your clients.

— Ted A.

Working with Attorney Joe Bellanca has been nothing short of phenomenal! His ability to cater to an artist needs in the ever-changing climate of the music industry is not only impressive but admirable. Joe has built and maintained my trust, 100%.

— Chad N.

I have had many cases against attorney Victor Norris. He is a formidable opposing counsel and fierce advocate on behalf of his clients. Yet, he is refreshingly  civil and respectful, but nonetheless effective and persuasive. I always feel he deeply cares about each of his clients and cases. I sense he makes his clients feel their case is the most important he has ever handled. His oral advocacy in court is skilled and the product of many years of experience. His written court submissions are thorough and among the most scholarly I have seen. His credibility and integrity with city attorneys, assistant prosecutors, and Judges enhances securing the best result possible for his clients. Victor Norris’s clients are well served. Hopefully, they realize that.

— Local City Attorney

Attorney Victor Norris has represented me on about 15 traffic violations in several jurisdictions. Never received any points or license suspensions. Can’t argue with results!

— Anonymous

I regarded attorney Victor Norris one of the elite attorneys practicing in the Wayne Circuit Court who appeared before me in my courtroom. He was always prepared, thorough, and skilled. He was an intense and effective advocate on behalf of his client in open court and his written submissions were well reasoned and scholarly. I deemed him a credible attorney with integrity. I am not known for heaping such praise on many of the attorneys who practiced in my court room. But, Victor Norris’s clients were extremely well served.

— Former Chief Judge Richard C. Kaufmann (Retired) – Wayne County Circuit Court

I am a long tenured physician without any professional discipline history, who was falsely accused of touching a female patient’s breasts during an orthopedic exam. Attorney Victor Norris represented me in a most thorough, effective, and tenacious manner. His attention to detail, his use of ancillary personnel and his personal attention was greatly appreciated resulting in a positive outcome in a case which could have been a professional and personal disaster. He shut down TV coverage of the alleged incident as well as the investigation without a warrant even being issued. He certainly could “talk the talk” with the detective in charge of the case and to whom Mr. Norris furnished his own fact intensive investigation and history of the complainant completely negating her credibility. Should I or someone I know ever need an attorney, Victor Norris would be my choice without question.

— Anonymous

When we were referred to attorney Victor Norris of Hertz Schram, my husband was facing a possible jail sentence and losing his license for a year. This was due to a rear-end commercial truck accident and Michigan law surrounding auto accidents resulting in injuries. It was an “accident” in the simplest context of the word. There was no reckless driving, speeding, or drugs or alcohol involved.

After Mr. Norris was informed several times the charges could not be reduced, he submitted written requests to the prosecutor’s office seeking additional consideration for charge reductions. He relentingly kept requesting meetings directly with the supervising assistant prosecuting attorney and police investigators to present compelling mitigating factors supported by expert witness analyses. A meeting was finally convened resulting in significantly reduced charges.

My husband ultimately obtained a minimal 30-day restricted license only, a minimal fine, zero points, no jail time or probation, and minimal restitution.

My husband and I found the one-and-a-half-year long case extremely stressful. Mr. Norris befriended us and was always comforting throughout this unfamiliar and difficult process. For all of this, we are very thankful we had Mr. Norris as our attorney. He could not have fought any harder on my husband’s behalf. 

— Anonymous

Attorney Jerry Cavellier was and continues to be a great help and support throughout my divorce and years afterwards. Whenever I’ve needed to speak with him, he is available. Whenever I’ve needed advice or direction throughout the process, he would make time for me to explain and feel confident I understood to make good decisions. Above all, I felt he was truly concerned with what I was dealing with and was looking out for me in my best interest.

Jerry is a kind, empathic human being. He continues to be accessible whenever I reach out for help. Thank you Jerry.

— Luis R.

Attorney Fallon Yaldo was amazing with my case. She kept me informed with everything that was happening and the outcome was pleasing.

— Karen J.

During a very sensitive and personal malpractice case, I had the pleasure of attorney Fallon Yaldo representing me. Fallon is a determined attorney that really listens to her clients. I felt that she actually cared about my case and put time into listening to every single concern I had. She then developed a plan with me while keeping me updated every step of the way.

— Taylor C.

Attorney Daniel Rucker provided our church with legal advocacy that was both highly skilled and readily accessible. His knowledge of the law and his ability to communicate and negotiate resulted in a very positive outcome in a situation we believed might have been impossible to resolve.

— Marlene W.

I would definitely recommend attorney Elizabeth Thomson. What makes her phenomenal is her compassion. She genuinely wanted to resolve my cases and ensure that I wouldn’t have any future problems. I felt like she was family and a best friend. I wouldn’t have been able to make it without her perseverance and will recommend her to anyone who wants an attorney who cares about her clients.

— Arrwa Mogalli

I will never be able to say thank you enough to attorney Steve Weiss. He is one heck of a good lawyer and a very caring, compassionate person. Who could ask for more! My words convey so little when my heart feels so very much. Forever grateful.

— Jacqueline

Attorney Ken Silver is a true professional, he is very quick with answers and accurate. His passion for his work shows in our conversations, it has been a real pleasure working with him.

— Daniel

I was fortunate to have found attorney Jerry Cavellier to represent me when I went through my divorce. He did an outstanding job representing me and advocating for my interests (both custodial and financial). He took the time to understand my case and the issues at hand. He was always very responsive to all of my inquiries. In addition to his legal expertise and negotiating skill, Jerry provided some needed compassion and perspective during that difficult anxious laden time. I would recommend Jerry to anyone going through a divorce and looking for a highly skilled and loyal advocate.

— Shaun

When my deceased father’s former spouse sued me, I called attorney Jerry Cavellier, who handled my father’s divorce. In what looked to be a long, difficult legal battle, Jerry quickly devised a strategy that wore down the opposition and settled the case. His legal maneuvering saved me tens of thousands of dollars!

— Peter Leonard, National Best-Selling Author

Attorney Lisa Stern successfully defended my custodial rights where two other lawyers had fallen short. She understood the nuances of my case right away, maintaining objectivity in order to prioritize my issues. Lisa has been level-headed and measured while being very sympathetic, and is highly respected amongst her peers. Lisa has managed my expectations while encouraging me with her demeanor and actions.

In the end, I got more than a great lawyer; I got a good friend who is invested in what’s best for me and my child.

— Peter H.

Attorney Lisa Stern was compassionate and understanding in a time of great fear for me. She gave me confidence to move past fear and find my strength to finally end an abusive marriage. She was both tough and kind in the process. While my divorce wasn’t the end of the craziness and my children and I still struggle to be healthy, my divorce freed me from the daily intimidation and worse… Likely saved my life. I am grateful for Lisa’s strength when I didn’t have much of my own.

— Denise

As a long-term, now over 10-year customer of Hertz Schram, and client to both attorneys Howard Hertz and Jerry Cavellier, it might be a slight exaggeration to say I owe these two gentlemen a debt I may never be able to repay, yet it would be an understatement to say they are just my lawyers.

I met Howard through a friend when I very much needed his help at the inception of a difficult divorce.  I also was amid a treacherous business lawsuit with my young company, and frankly at our first meeting was not sure where to start. Now an old friend, I often think about that first meeting and smile.  Howard, a well-known attorney with years of experience, knew exactly what to say, and quickly helped me sort through my next steps.

With Jerry’s decades of family law under his belt, we were able, with months of hard work, to turn a nightmare into a fair outcome for all concerned.  In a difficult family court setting, Jerry could distill, and further explain complex business matters to the court’s satisfaction and found a way to keep my family intact through what might have otherwise been a complete loss and irreparable damage.  My precious children, then all tender, came through it wonderfully, one now a doctor, and another a fortune 50 Executive, have good relationships with both of their parents, and due to a fair and well managed judgment, got to see their dad as much as their mother, and always felt safe and protected.

In other words, without Jerry and Howard I would have lost my family. Moreover, over the years, Jerry and Howard have always been there to take calls, help with tax matters, review business documents, estate plans, and overall just talk me off the ledge from time to time. I recommend them to anyone that needs solid experienced family and business planning as their best choice.

— John Ogren

With a blue-chip roster of rockers and rappers… and musical genres in between, attorney Howard Hertz is one of the top entertainment lawyers around. [Elmore] Leonard describes Hertz as “extremely intelligent, aggressive and he knows what he is doing…I don’t think there’s any glamour involved in it…he saves me a lot of money,” Leonard says, and quips, “I have never been in jail.”

— The Oakland Press

Attorney Howard Hertz is probably the best-known entertainment lawyer in town…When he began repping local producers Mark & Jeff Bass, it led to a relationship with one Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem.

— Detroit Metro Times “People Got the Power”

Entertainment attorney Howard Hertz has represented numerous musicians, authors, screenwriters, recording artists, radio personalities, producers, etc., since 1976. Marilyn Manson, Elmore Leonard, George Clinton and the Insane Clown Posse have all been on his client list at one time or another. Most recently, he was sitting beside ICP at the press conference announcing their lawsuit against the FBI. His Bloomfield Hills office is filled with records, figurines, a Marilyn Manson mask, and signed posters – one Eminem poster reads, “Thanks for keeping me out of jail.” It’s not easy being Howard Hertz.

— Detroit Metro Times “A Talk with Eminem Attorney Howard Hertz”

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