“Creative thinking as a defense attorney pays off.”

-Attorney Scott Weinberg

For over 30 years, Scott Weinberg is known for defending all types of criminal cases throughout the State of Michigan, from high-profile Felony media cases to everyday simple matters taken care of with the right phone call. He has also been licensed to practice in the State of Illinois. He got his start in criminal law as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Macomb County, prosecuting more than 75 Capital Felony trials, including Chief of the Criminal Sexual Conduct Unit. In that post, he prosecuted notorious cases, including the infamous Big Brother Big Sister sexual assault scandal that gained statewide attention. As a former Prosecuting Attorney and a top criminal lawyer, Weinberg considers it an honor and a privilege to provide solid, focused legal defense and guidance to individuals in dire need of help. He believes that one of the hallmarks of freedom in our country is that everyone deserves a solid defense.

Examples of Excellence

Scott gained national recognition on Court TV for his prosecution of a psychologist having sex with his patients in People vs. Donald Debolt. Subsequent to that case, he went to work for the firm of Bufalino & Palazzolo working as associate partner to William E Bufalino II on many high profile national criminal cases. Scott Weinberg founded Michigan Criminal Lawyers Association P.C. in 1997. Since that time, Weinberg has managed thousands of criminal cases including over 200 capital felonies.

Throughout his career, Weinberg has provided expert legal commentary TV and radio, including as a guest commentator on Court TV, ABC, CBS, WJR, WXYT and Clear Channel Radio on noted cases such as People v. Jack Kevorkian, the Jenny Jones Murder case and People v. Watts just to name a few.

In 2010-2016, Weinberg hosted Weinberg on the Law, a weekly hour-long radio show on Clear Channel Radio, where he discussed newsworthy issues in the law and interviews colleagues, community leaders, politicians and government officials about matters on the law, including Governors, Senators, Judges, Mayors and Sheriff officials. Weinberg also hosted the syndicated internet radio show. The nationally broadcast show discusses legal issues and affecting our legal rights through interviews with news makers and internationally renowned attorneys.

For over 30 years, Scott’s counsel has been sought after for his criminal defense expertise by the very wealthy as well as those in severe need, in order to protect them from government intrusion. He has also testified before the Michigan House Judiciary Committees as an expert in the areas of Criminal Sexual Conduct and Criminal Law reform.

Creative thinking as a defense attorney pays off:

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct Case (CSC)
    • University Investigations for sexual assaults
      • Case dismissed on a sophomore at Eastern Michigan falsely accused of sexually assaulting ex-girlfriend student where no one believed him but his mother and Scott. After case dismissed, complaining female admitted she made it up because he broke up with her.
    • Defendant accused of having sex with sister-in-law while she slept. Worked out case settlement where defendant plead to the only Adultery case in Michigan in recent times and did not have to register as sex offender.
  • OWI (Drunk Driving)
    • 90% of over 600 drunk driving (OWI) cases without any jail time for clients
  • Probation violations
    • Defendant on probation for a Felony OWI 3rd offense is sitting drinking at a bar and buys a woman a drink. Turns out it is his probation officer and she violates him for drinking while on probation. Scott convinces Judge to keep client out of jail because the Probation Officer could not prove he was drinking alcohol, only that he was stupid to buy his PO a drink.
  • Drug Case
    • Client stopped on I-94 with 300 kilos of drugs by Troopers. Scott argued motion challenging the stop and racial profiling by Trooper with history of profiling. All Felony charges Dismissed and no drug convictions.
  • Domestic Violence
    • Client charged with beating up ex-girlfriend in his car. Scott has client take private polygraph showing the complainant lied. Case dismissed.
  • School Cases
    • High School Student calling in a bomb threat to school because he did not want to take a test. Prosecutor wanted to charge Terrorism. Scott kept him from being charged with any crime and the student was never expelled.
  • University of Michigan Fraternity Case
    • One of the lead attorneys representing a large Fraternity at University of Michigan whose members were accused of destroying a Michigan resort. The fraternity chapter turned against students. Scott and the legal team kept all 102 students from being convicted of any crime or kicked out of the University.
  • OWI Causing Death and Injury
    • Client charged with Felony OWI Causing Serious Injury, Scott made sure client never saw the inside of a jail cell and client completed probation successfully.
  •  Embezzlement
    • Client steals over $50k from neighbor bank account and charged with a 20 year Felony. Scott works out a deal to have all charges dismissed and no probation.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Honors & Awards

SuperLawyers 2021

Professional & Community Leadership

Clear Channel – Court Side Radio Show (2013)
Television Show – The Lawyer’s View (2012)
CBS Radio – Gov. Snyder Interview (2010)
CBS Radio – US Congressman Gary Peters Interview (2010)
CBS Radio Broadcasting – U.S. Congressman Peter Hoekstra Interview (2010)
CBS Radio Broadcast – Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson (2010)
CBS Radio Broadcast – State Senator Tom George Interview (2010)
talkzone.com – Radio Show


J.D. – Juris Doctor – University of Detroit Mercy School of Law (1988)
University of Detroit Mercy School of Law London Law Program (1986-87)
B.A. – Bachelor of Arts (Economics) – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1984)
Cranbrook Schools, Bloomfield Hills, MI (1980)

Bar Admissions & Associations

Michigan Bar 1992
Illinois Bar 1988
Macomb County Bar Association – Attorney Member
State Bar of Michigan Association – Member
American Bar Association – Member
Oakland County Bar Association – Attorney Member


An absolutely impeccable attorney and person – I acquired two OWI cases in two counties in a very short time. Mr. Weinberg’s outstanding legal work and professional advice has resulted in a better, healthier life, the absolute minimum possible time spent in jail and an excellent coordination in events so I could maintain my employment.”


Great Attorney – Very thorough! Hard working and efficient! He did a great job and helped me with all my cases. I am very happy I hired him to defend me.”


Probation violation plus – I hired Scott Weinberg to handle a friend’s case. She was arrested and had 3 charges in 2 counties. There was also a short amount of time before she was due in court. He was able to manage all of it and did so quickly with an excellent outcome for my friend. He has lots of experience and a good attitude.”


Hire him. No one wants to pay court fees but with Mr. Weinberg your money goes to a good man & you get what you pay for if not more. Prosecution wanted to loophole my case for higher fines & charges but Scott prevented that & provided me with a fair sentence. While I hope I won’t need him again he’d be my first choice.”


Amazing Service! Highly Recommended! – I needed a lawyer at the last minute for a charge that I received while on vacation. I contacted 1800-lawyer and Mr. Weinberg called me within minutes! He met me that night and put my mind at ease. I retained his services and he was amazing! He took care of everything and made sure that I had a great outcome! I am forever grateful to him for what he did for me. I would highly recommend him if you need a great lawyer that cares about his clients! Thank you Scott, from the bottom of my heart!”

A Satisfied Client

Armed robbery charge – Scott Weinberg is very knowledgeable in Criminal law, he is very thorough and professional, and if he’s not available he won’t leave you hanging he will send an assistant Attorney who knows what they are doing as well. The cost was worth it the case went to trial, found not guilty. Great team. Thanks again.”

A Satisfied Client

Straightforward, direct, and competent attorney saves local man’s neck – Scott got a no-contact order lifted 16 hours after I met him, during our first meeting (I mistakenly sent him to the wrong place and he met me at the second meeting place, he was very understanding) during which he honestly and clearly evaluated my case (and likely scenarios) in plain English. He made sure that I did everything necessary to get my domestic assault case dismissed, and went above and beyond my expectations of an attorney. His fees were reasonable and he gave his all. He was instrumental in keeping my family together throughout the process and answered any questions I had about my case promptly. The case ended within 3 weeks with a dismissal- after which he gave me applicable life advice. He really cares about his client’s well-being even after his job is done. I’d recommend him to anyone I cared about, and have done so already.”


AWESOME! – I had 4 felonies driving under the influence of prescription drugs and a misdemeanor! It took over a year to get sentenced. I was looking at a 2+ year prison term! When it was finally over Scott got me 90 days weekend jail! Which is a miracle and I am so grateful that Scott fought like hell for me!! I felt like he was caring and empathetic. I will be recommending him to anyone needing a great Attorney!”


Domestic Violence – I recently used Scott for my domestic violence case and was very satisfied. Scott is very professional and caring to his client’s. He explained and went through all the details and option’s prior to and after my court date.”


Results driven lawyer!! – I have witnessed Scott work his magic more times than I’d like to admit. He was my husband’s lawyer for his DUI, and again for a recent marijuana possession charger. Both times he prevailed with favorable outcomes. He was also my sisters DUI council, and again, she received an amazing outcome. A few things:
1. A lawyers job is to lessen the blow of your charge. They are not there to make it disappear. There are still consequences for your actions, Scott has gone above and beyond in convincing the prosecutor to give us grace.
2. In my experience with Scott, he is not one to sugar coat things. He tells you all possible outcomes, and generally doesn’t assure you it’s going to be alright. He is very real, so don’t expect him to hold your hand and tell you everything is going to be alright. He will get you results If at all possible. Reciprocity…are you kidding me?!?! That’s some better call Saul s***. I don’t know how he works his magic, but he’s really good at it. He reduced both of my husband’s recent charges, and got us the outcome we were hoping for. 3. Read about Scott. His track record is amazing. I would recommend him to anyone I know needing legal council. I hugged Scott last time I saw him. That’s how happy I was with the results. I am forever grateful for the work he has done for us.”


Excellent!!!!!! – Mr. Weinberg represented me in a domestic violence case. He was very affordable, knowledgeable and quick to respond to my questions or concerns. If you want an excellent and experienced lawyer to represent you, this is the guy. He was successful in resolving my case, and I highly recommend him.”


Great Attorney – Scott has represented me on three or four criminal cases over the past 5 years. He is that rare lawyer that has the ability to part the sea. No matter how deep I think I’m in Scott always has a plan and executes it to perfection time after time. He takes payment plans and works with his clients whenever possible. He isn’t the cheapest but anyone dedicated to their legal situation can’t afford to go with anybody less. I’ve had a few different attorneys before Scott and none of them have had the intelligence and know how to be nearly as effective as Mr. Weinberg. If you’re serious about your freedom you cannot afford to go with anyone else! A close friend of mine has also used Scott for a variety of cases over a seven year period with spectacular results as well. I recommend Scott to anyone looking for competent, capable legal counsel.”

A Satisfied Client

Great Attorney! – I used Scott Weinberg for my Domestic Violence case and he was WONDERFUL! Scott got my case dismissed and did everything he promised he would. Do not believe the one bad review of this lawyer he is GREAT! I did not have all the retainer money for his firm up front and his office gave me a payment plan that was totally affordable and I paid it from my bank without any problems. I would recommend my friends and family to Scott Weinberg and his law firm.”


Everyone needs an attorney who will go beyond measures to get the job done – Scott Weinberg was my defense attorney in a domestic violence case. My husband and I had an altercation which resulted in my arrest. It was a very unique case, considering my husband was an illegal immigrant seeking a green-card. After being badgered and harassed by my husband and his family, I learned they were trying to build a case against me for domestic violence. When I went to court their were false statements and allegations in the police report. I realized it was time to hire an attorney.

I searched the web to get legal advice. I found Scott Weinberg and he responded the very next day. We had a conference meeting. I explained to him my financial situation and how badly I needed his help. I expressed my profession as a health care worker and how this could debilitate my career. He was very understanding and compassionate. He worked out an affordable payment plan for my budget. He represented me in court very well and had all records expunged on my behalf. He is a great attorney that gets the job done. Knowledgeable, conservative, professional, initiative, and compassionate with his clients. Not to mention you are guaranteed a laugh. WONDERFUL ATTORNEY!”


“Dear Scott – I really thank you so much for helping me out of this big mess. I will be very grateful to you all my life. I’m really thankful to you and I feel so lucky that I found you here in the time of need. U really did a very good job and I would say that its only because of you am out of the problem and got rescued. I really thank you so much once again and for saving my life and my kids life. Thank you so much for your immense support. I will stay in touch with you. God Bless you.”

A Satisfied Client

“This is a friendly message about my case. Hard to believe a year went by. I never told you how I greatly appreciated all the work you did for me. Thank you. You did good. See you when our paths cross.”

A Satisfied Client

“I never heard of Scott Weinberg before my case. I was scared and living from paycheck to paycheck. Scott Weinberg accepted my case and set up an affordable payment plan that I could handle. He did exactly what I hired him to do and more. He was always available to answer my questions through the help of his well organized team of employees. His chief investigator impressed me when he stated, ‘This is no longer your problem, now it’s ours.’ Scott Weinberg is going to be my lawyer for life.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was facing up to nine years in prison for literally being at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people he sat me down for pie and talked me through every step he told me things were going to be okay and I wasn’t going to have a criminal record and he was right he taught me a thing or two along the way my case went on for a year before I was sentenced to 30 days in jail which is a small price to pay considering my charges he is seasoned and ready to take action has personal relationships with judges/prosecutors and will not take no for an answer just when I thought my life was over he saved it literally saved my life that is the only way I can describe what he has done if I were you I would hire him I now have no criminal record and just landed the best job of my life because I have no criminal record.”


“Scott was not only very attentive to my case, but was incredibly educational during the process. I am very pleased with the overall outcome, and would recommend anyone use his services.”


“Scott was the ultimate professional in representing me against false criminal allegations made by a scorned ex. He was knowledgeable and experienced with all the nuances and protocols of the criminal complaint and charges I was facing. He talked me through the entire process, never promising anything but always sharing the facts and ultimate consequences of choices and decisions I made concerning this case. I am grateful Scott recommended I take a lie detector test from a state of Michigan licensed polygraph examiner showing I was telling the truth concerning incident in question. Because of Scott’s experience and me following his instructions and advice, the Livonia prosecutor’s office dismissed the case with prejudice. I am extremely grateful I hired Scott to represent me as this case against and the false allegations associated with the case created extreme emotional and physical turmoil. How grateful am I that I was able to find and hire an experienced representative that was able to have this frivolous case against me dismissed with prejudice.”


“Scott is a very serious and capable attorney, he takes the time to do the research necessary to figure out the cases and puts it into action for his clients. I would 100 percent recommend this law firm for anyone who is in need of representation.”


“Best criminal attorney you can get. Very experienced, plus Scott has great relationships with the various courts, judges and prosecutors.”


Awards and Accolades

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