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Real estate law is one of the most prominent areas of the law that most people and businesses take part in. When it comes to real estate law, there are many state-specific laws and regulations that individuals in Michigan must be aware of when conducting real estate transitions, whether residential or commercial. These are regulations and rights that failure to understand can result in turning great deals into litigation nightmares.

Real estate agents specifically are tasked with finding great properties and deals for buyers, but they do not provide legal advice – this is where an experienced legal attorney would step in and provide advice on navigating real estate deals and making for the best possible outcome for their client. Real estate transactions are often huge undertakings, and it’s imperative that buyers and sellers have a full understanding of Michigan’s real estate legal landscape when becoming involved in these transactions, and having an experienced legal team by your side when taking part in these transactions.

Michigan Real Estate Attorneys

Hertz Schram has been helping individuals and businesses navigate Michigan’s state-specific real estate laws for decades, as well as helping our clients navigate county-specific and local real estate laws. We have represented buysers, sellers, landlords, as well as tenets on legal matters in real estate such as contracts for the buying and selling of real estate, deeds, land contracts, landlord and tenant disputes, easements, and other real estate matters. Hertz Schram can help clients navigate these often complex legal matters to make for the best possible outcomes for real estate buysers and sellers.

Local Expertise In The Issues That Matters

It’s important to note that real estate law varies heavily on a state-by-state basis, and Hertz Schram’s real estate law department has extensive experience in Michigan-specific real estate law and advising clients in legal matters as related to the buying, selling, and managing of real estate and properties. Real estate law also vaires by county, and Hertz Schram’s real estate legal team has experience in advising clients in county-specific real estate issues that are unique to their own local jurisdiction.
Real estate transactions can often be complicated by the fact that real estate laws and regulations vary by local county – experienced real estate attorneys like our real estate law team at Hertz Schram can advise clients on the often complex legal matters that are involved in real estate law, specifically real estate law as it pertains to Michigan state regulations as well as Michigan county-specific laws. We can advise clients on real estate legal matters such as residential and commercial real estate sales and leasing, representing both buyers and sellers, landlord and tenant issues, and property litigation. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant, or involved in commercial or residential real estate matters, our team at Herts Schram and advise you on the best possible decisions for your own real estate matters.

Landlord and Tenant Issues

Hertz Schram has extensive experience in advising clients on dispute resolutions between landlords and tenants. Disputes between landlords and tenants can arise for a variety of reasons which can involve evictions, failure to pay rent, property damage, or other issues. For landlords to remove tenants from their properties, they must follow eviction proceedings which is called a Summary Proceeding, which is a process that seeks to return property rental to the person legally entitles to its possession. Landlords are not permitted to forcibly evict tenants, and these prohibited activities can include changing locks, discontinuing utilities, and other means of attempting to evict a tenant. Landlords in this position will often have to seek out legal council in order to resole these disputes.
Hertz Schram can advise landlords on these issues and has represented countless real estate investor and landlords regarding tenant disputes, helping to best represent landlords during difficult periods with tenants. Especially when tenants must be evicted and orders of eviction must be processed, these are often difficult times for landlords, and expert guidance is needed to make for the best possible outcomes. Speak with our veteran real estate legal team today, and let’s get to work on your real estate dispute matters.

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We have used Hertz Schram for over a decade. They know our corporation inside and out, understand the automotive market and support our HR Dept in legal support with employee/401K/Insurance/Payroll concerns. I find them an invaluable resource especially in this country where you need the best legal support. Any of our people can contact them for concerns relating to contract, HR, tax or other items of concern. They are also experienced in dealing with public companies.

Attorney Ken Silver is a true professional, he is very quick with answers and accurate. His passion for his work shows in our conversations, it has been a real pleasure working with him.


Great team of Lawyers at Hertz Schram. I would highly recommend attorney Ken Silver and his team.


Our family has relied on attorney Jeffrey Robbins to guide us through multi-generational matters for over three decades. In that time, we have sought his counsel if all facets of our business and personal tax and estate planning issues, culminating in the sale of our company and continuing to represent us in all personal and business matters. He has been with us even as we moved our entire family and operations to the East Coast over 20 years ago.

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