Modification of Family Law Orders

We Handle Post-Judgment Modifications

If you are like many people, the conclusion of your divorce or other family law case came as a relief. Unfortunately, a final order may not be the last time you go to court. For many people, changing circumstances and other problems lead them to seek modifications of family court orders.

Post-judgment modifications can be challenging. In general, you must prove that circumstances have changed significantly. At Hertz Schram PC, our attorneys have substantial experience with post-judgment modifications and enforcements. We are ready to help.

About Enforcements and Modifications

Typically, you may need to go to court after your family law matter has concluded for one of two reasons.

  • If your ex-spouse or the parent of your child is not following the terms of the divorce decree, custody agreement or other family law-related court order, you may need to seek enforcement. Or you may need to defend against an enforcement action being brought against you.
  • If you want to change a court order or agreement, you must seek a modification. Alternately, you may need to defend yourself if your ex-spouse or the parent of your child brings a motion to modify a court judgment.

We handle all types of modifications and enforcements in family law cases, including child custody and visitation, child support and alimony.

Modifying Spousal Support

Spousal support, also called alimony, is supposed to balance the incomes and needs of both spouses in a divorce. It is supposed to help a dependent spouse become self-sufficient without affecting either person's standard of living. These orders may be modified in Michigan - with one caveat. Spouses can give up the right to ask for a change in spousal support when they divorce and can agree to nonmodifiable spousal support.

Modifying Child Custody and Visitation

The child custody and parenting time arrangements you make during the divorce process may not work forever. You may wish to modify your custody and visitation plan for any number of life changes. In other situations, you may believe your child is no longer safe with the other parent. Abuse, drug use, neglect and other potentially harmful behaviors can and should prompt you to seek a change in custody and parenting time.

We can advise you on whether modification is appropriate in your case and create a compelling argument on your behalf. We can also help you enforce a custody agreement.

Child Support Modification

Child support payments are set based on a formula that takes both parents' incomes into account at the time the payments are made. Circumstances change. If you need to modify your child support payments because your circumstances have significantly changed - or if the other parent is seeking a modification - we can help.

We will advise you on whether child support can be modified in your case and guide you throughout the process.

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