Unmarried Couples

Overcoming custody issues for unmarried parents

Even though there are more parents who are unmarried than ever, some states still lack laws that address legal repercussions that impact unmarried couples who have children properly.

Hertz Schram works to settle any confusion you may have about your rights. We have advised clients from different walks of life and can accustom our legal leadership to best fit your particular situation. 

Families in America are changing and can suffer when those changes go unrecognised by the law. We hope to bring peace of mind and sound advice here at Hertz Schram. Reach us at (248) 609-3014 

The laws that affect unmarried parents are complex. We can help you understand the options, strategies and legal rights for unmarried parents concerned with:

  • DNA and paternity testing
  • Custody orders 
  • The ramifications that come from a couple’s separation 
  • Child adoption for unmarried couples
  • Government benefits for your child
  • The comes after a parent decides to be in a relationship with someone who isn’t the child’s parent. 
  • Representation of the child on tax returns

If you are coparenting from an unmarried position, you deserve to be educated on your legal role in your child’s life. As your attorneys, Hertz Schram communicates with you as a client throughout the researching process and sound solutions we formulate. Contact our office for a consultation so that we may further address your legal needs.(248) 609-3014 


Attorney Gerald Cavellier: Throughout all of that your professionalism stood out, now I know why you get the acclaim you do from a variety of sources and I consider myself proud to be one your clients.

Ted A.

When my deceased father's former spouse sued me, I called attorney Jerry Cavellier, who handled my father's divorce. In what looked to be a long, difficult legal battle, Jerry quickly devised a strategy that wore down the opposition and settled the case. His legal maneuvering saved me tens of thousands of dollars!

Peter Leonard, National Best-Selling Author

Attorney Jerry Cavellier was and continues to be a great help and support throughout my divorce and years afterwards. Whenever I’ve needed to speak with him, he is available. Whenever I’ve needed advice or direction throughout the process, he would make time for me to explain and feel confident I understood to make good decisions. Above all, I felt he was truly concerned with what I was dealing with and was looking out for me in my best interest.

Jerry is a kind, empathic human being. He continues to be accessible whenever I reach out for help. Thank you Jerry.

Luis R.

Attorney Lisa Stern was compassionate and understanding in a time of great fear for me. She gave me confidence to move past fear and find my strength to finally end an abusive marriage. She was both tough and kind in the process. While my divorce wasn't the end of the craziness and my children and I still struggle to be healthy, my divorce freed me from the daily intimidation and worse... Likely saved my life. I am grateful for Lisa's strength when I didn't have much of my own.


I was fortunate to have found attorney Jerry Cavellier to represent me when I went through my divorce. He did an outstanding job representing me and advocating for my interests (both custodial and financial). He took the time to understand my case and the issues at hand. He was always very responsive to all of my inquiries. In addition to his legal expertise and negotiating skill, Jerry provided some needed compassion and perspective during that difficult anxious laden time. I would recommend Jerry to anyone going through a divorce and looking for a highly skilled and loyal advocate.


Attorney Lisa Stern successfully defended my custodial rights where two other lawyers had fallen short. She understood the nuances of my case right away, maintaining objectivity in order to prioritize my issues. Lisa has been level-headed and measured while being very sympathetic, and is highly respected amongst her peers. Lisa has managed my expectations while encouraging me with her demeanor and actions.

In the end, I got more than a great lawyer; I got a good friend who is invested in what's best for me and my child.

Peter H.

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Everyday, our attorneys strive to provide it.

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Gerald Cavellier


"I advise my clients to take the high road by reminding all parties that if they have children together they will continue to be part of each other’s lives post-judgment."

Lisa D. Stern


"Provides her clients with clear advice, smart strategies, honest representation and a small dose of humor to help then get through an otherwise difficult time."

Howard Hertz


"I have successfully and aggressively represented creatives and their entities for more than forty years. "

Steven P. Jenkins


"Never underestimate the positive impact an attorney can have on their clients' lives."

Cristina Crescentini



Donna Virkus


"Be real, keep things in perspective, and keep going. The best is yet to come!"

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