Child Support

We Guide Parents through the process of child support

Every Parent is responsible for the financial support of their child, though few enjoy paying child support. 

Hertz Schram has comprehensive experience in guiding our clients through the process of child support. We represent parents receiving support along with those obligated to pay it. 

How is child support determined?

The formula for child support considers both parents incomes, the number of children that need support, and the number of nights each parent spends with the child per week. Especially if the parent paying child support owns a business or is self employed, establishing the income used for the formula can be complicated. 

Hertz Schram will fight to make sure that an honorable determination of assets and earnings is used to establish a fair amount of child support. If a parent is unemployed or hides income, forensic accountants can be used to determine income when necessary. 

If there are changes in your financial situation after divorce, payments for child support can be modified. Our firm assists in both enforcement and modification of payments. The Michigan formula for child support is available online. 

Is it possible to deviate from the formula?

Occasionally the court will order lower or higher payments for child support than the amount that the formula calculates. For example:

  • If you have a child with special needs
  • If the parent who cares for the child in the day is unemployed and therefor expending uncredited funds for the overnight

Contact our office for an initial consultation to confidentially discuss every detail of child support (248) 609-3014 

Changes in Circumstance

Navigating support and custody modifications 

Life is constantly evolving. Finances, schools, health, jobs and the needs of children go through changes frequently. Whether planned or unexpected, transformations occur in relationships and routines. When these shifts happen, you may be required to revisit your support and child custody situation. 

Hertz Schram can help. Our firm handles everything from straightforward cases to the most complex involving modifications surrounding custody, child support and more. Our goal is help you flow between the transitional periods of life with ease and produce an outcome that suits your current needs. 

You can rely on our leadership, even when times are tough

Modifications can lead to prolonged negotiations and tempestuous battles. We direct you to the optimal strategy for your unique situation. Hertz Schram has been assisting clients with these rather sensitive issues for over 20 years. We have the ability to to pinpoint potential roadblocks at the beginning stages of your case and resolve them. We can assist you in making reasonable decisions in regards to modifications involving: 

  • Parenting Plans
  • Obligations for child support
  • Child visitation and custody
  • Alimony or Spousal Support 

Call our office to schedule a consultation to see how we can assist you during this time (248) 609-3014 

Changing Schools

After a divorce, it is important to determine whether or not a child can enroll in a different district or school and can become a contentious issue here in the state of Michigan. Hertz Schram has comprehensive experience in guiding parents who wish to relocate, change schools or change parenting times or other child custody accommodations after a divorce. 

Do I need permission from the court to transfer my child to a different school?

As with any major life decision, deciding the school your child attends must be made jointly if you have joint legal custody of your child with your former spouse. Court permission must be granted if your former spouse objects. 

When deciding whether or not to approve the transfer, schools consider the following reasons: 

  • There are educational advances at the new school
  • If your child has special needs, the school may include a program for their disability
  • If your child is facing bullying or harassment at their current school

Child custody and extracarricular activities

As children grow older, extracurricular activities such as camps, sports teams, etc. can majorly impact the amount of time you are able to spend with your child which lead to issues like:

  • Which parent drives the children to their activity?
  • Which parent finances the activities?
  • When do your child’s  activities interfere with the time you spend with them?

Each judge rules differently on cases like these, so it is important to become knowledgeable about the judge handling your case. Hertz Schram is here to help. Call our office to schedule a consultation in which you can discuss parenting time and extracurricular activities confidentially. (248) 609-3014 


Modifying Court Orders for Child Support in Michigan

When the court initially creates a child support order, their decision reflects the financial situation of each parent at that time. Because life is ever changing, circumstances may arise that require the decision to be modified to reflect the new situation. For example, the parent paying child support may receive a drastic raise in their salary or, conversely, lose their job. 

Thankfully, Michigan allows support payments to be modified to reflect the current situation when there is a substantial circumstantial change. If you are looking to make modifications on what you receive or pay, we are here to assist you. Setting these changes in motion can be a complicated process and you’ll likely encounter procedural pitfalls along the way. However, Hertz Schram can help bring you peace of mind by guiding you through the challenges met in this process and advocating for you, giving you more time and flexibility to focus on your life and your children. 

Requesting Changes in Child support 

In our many years spent focusing on support issues such as visitation and unique situations of child custody, we have seen many cases where modifications have been deemed appropriate when it comes to child support. Here are some examples:

  • One of the parents loses their job
  • One of the parents receives a pay increase or promotion at work
  • A child’s evolving needs require more support
  • A parent is faced with a medical issue that affects their ability to pay
  • The visitation/custody arrangement has been modified in a way which alters the amount of time each parent gets to spend with the child
  • One of the parents having another child at a later time

These reasons are just a few examples of why a change to child support may be requested. Because every situation is different, allowing us to review your individual circumstances will help you understand whether or not you can request a change and how drastic of a change will be granted in court. 

If you have any questions about altering child support, please call our office at (248) 609-3014 

Parental Relocation

What to expect out of Child Custody when you relocate

Occasionally, people are required to relocate residences whether it be in state or out of state for several different kinds of reasons: a work transfer, remarriage, medical care, or military service.

When a divorced parent moves with their child, it is called a parental relocation and you can encounter a variety of legal issues. Questions arise such as “is it going to benefit my child or drive my family apart,”  “ Is this move an attempt for revenge on my former spouses part?”

Hertz Schram will educate you on all of your options, every law, and each alternative so that you are able to make a sound decision for your family. We have assisted separated and divorced parents for over 20 years, so you know you are in good hands. Our goal is to keep your family together after relocation. 

The state of Michigan decides whether or not the relocation is in the best interest for the child using these factors:

  • The lives of the parent and child should improve with the relocation
  • The parent requesting the relocation should not intend to make it difficult for the visiting parent to see their child and needs to comply with visitation orders. 
  • The parent who is against the relocation should not have a financial ulterior motive in regards to continuing their obligation to child support 
  • Opportunities for visitation should be realistic so that the parental relationship is preserved.

Requests for parental relocation are sometimes difficult to pursue and execute or contest and avoid. Schedule an initial consultation with our office to discuss your legal goals during a parental relocation. (248) 609-3014 

Post Judgement

Our lives are consistently changing and even the most thought out plans may become obsolete. When arrangements for employment, education or living situations change, orders for child custody can rapidly become an obstacle in your family’s life. 

Hertz Schram understand the hindrance a child custody arrangement that is obsolete can have on your life. We work enthusiastically to help you create a modification for your child custody agreement through the court that will allow you more freedom to improve your life and the life of your child. To discuss this further, please contact our office at (248) 609-3014 

We help parents provide their children with more stable lives

Our representation for post-judgment modification is designed to aid you in altering your custody arrangements during major life changes such as:

  • Relocation
  • New Employment
  • Changes in educational needs
  • Issues with drug abuse or alcoholism
  • Concerns about physical abuse

Hertz Schram can prove the need for a modification to an existing court order and adapt your current custody arrangement to the needs of your family and lifestyle changes. 

In your initial hearing, after a significant circumstantial change has been proven with proper cause, the case is then sent to trial led by a family law judge. We have extensive experience in litigation which allows us to aid you in effectively traversing the system and prevailing. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment (248) 609-3014 

Violations of orders 

Navigating violations of parenting time and custody orders

Whether you have primary custody of your child and feel that your rights are frequently violated or a parent who has secondary custody and feel that you are being denied your parenting time, Hertz Schram is here to help you. We can discuss a contempt order or enforce legal action to fight the violation at hand. We have been committed to our clientele for over 20 years and will use our skillset and experience of the court system to achieve your desired results. If your settlement agreement is being ignored, please call us to discuss options for a remedy, if necessary, in court (248) 609-3014 

We provide effective representation to fit your needs

When revisions to custody and support requirements are necessary to adapt to changes in a divorced couples lives, Hertz Schram can aid in devising a transition. New employment, the loss of a job, a work transfer, the need for healthcare in another state, remarriage, military service, concerns about physical abuse or drug and alcohol addiction can result in a post judgment modification. We are here to help you prove your need for a modification to achieve your desired outcome. 

If there are obligations for custody that are not being met or a parent relocates without permission from the court, it may be necessary for an enforcement order to restore access to the child. We are also here to help you understand the legal strategy involved in that case. For more information of how to pursue a custody order violation in Michigan, contact our office at (248) 609-3014 

Visitation Interference

If your visitation and custody rights are being violated or the lack of cooperation from a former spouse has denied you parenting time, the expert attornies at Hertz Schram can help you. If one of the child’s parents is unable or unwilling to abide by their lawful obligation, many unfortunate incidents can occur. We have heard stories from everything to mix-ups with scheduling, a partner failing to communicate, last minute school transportation absences and not coming through for weekend custody. We are skilled at finding solutions that are lasting and practical, so leave the work to us so you can concentrate fully on your child without worrying and smoothly transition into your post divorce life.

Visitation interferences and proven denied parenting time

Any parent should be aware that it is not fair to inconvenience their former partner or child to with casual inconsistencies in a parenting plan. We will not tolerate it and neither will the state of Michigan. If a parent consistently fails to fulfill their obligations to their child and the situation for visitation escalates, the violations of the orders can be brought to the court’s attention. On the other hand, if you have been falsely accused of these actions and errors, we work to protect your rights aggressively in negotiations or court. It is unnacceptable to be irresponsible when it comes to picking your child up on time or showing up for your child’s activities. If you are making an effort to be flexible and eager to make your visitation schedule work, you shouldn’t feel that your former spouse is taking your good nature for granted. Call our office today if you need help resolving a situation like this (248) 609-3014 


Attorney Gerald Cavellier: Throughout all of that your professionalism stood out, now I know why you get the acclaim you do from a variety of sources and I consider myself proud to be one your clients.

Ted A.

When my deceased father's former spouse sued me, I called attorney Jerry Cavellier, who handled my father's divorce. In what looked to be a long, difficult legal battle, Jerry quickly devised a strategy that wore down the opposition and settled the case. His legal maneuvering saved me tens of thousands of dollars!

Peter Leonard, National Best-Selling Author

Attorney Jerry Cavellier was and continues to be a great help and support throughout my divorce and years afterwards. Whenever I’ve needed to speak with him, he is available. Whenever I’ve needed advice or direction throughout the process, he would make time for me to explain and feel confident I understood to make good decisions. Above all, I felt he was truly concerned with what I was dealing with and was looking out for me in my best interest.

Jerry is a kind, empathic human being. He continues to be accessible whenever I reach out for help. Thank you Jerry.

Luis R.

Attorney Lisa Stern was compassionate and understanding in a time of great fear for me. She gave me confidence to move past fear and find my strength to finally end an abusive marriage. She was both tough and kind in the process. While my divorce wasn't the end of the craziness and my children and I still struggle to be healthy, my divorce freed me from the daily intimidation and worse... Likely saved my life. I am grateful for Lisa's strength when I didn't have much of my own.


I was fortunate to have found attorney Jerry Cavellier to represent me when I went through my divorce. He did an outstanding job representing me and advocating for my interests (both custodial and financial). He took the time to understand my case and the issues at hand. He was always very responsive to all of my inquiries. In addition to his legal expertise and negotiating skill, Jerry provided some needed compassion and perspective during that difficult anxious laden time. I would recommend Jerry to anyone going through a divorce and looking for a highly skilled and loyal advocate.


Attorney Lisa Stern successfully defended my custodial rights where two other lawyers had fallen short. She understood the nuances of my case right away, maintaining objectivity in order to prioritize my issues. Lisa has been level-headed and measured while being very sympathetic, and is highly respected amongst her peers. Lisa has managed my expectations while encouraging me with her demeanor and actions.

In the end, I got more than a great lawyer; I got a good friend who is invested in what's best for me and my child.

Peter H.

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