Your Loved Ones In Nursing Homes Deserve Protection From Harm

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It has been said that youth is wasted on the young. Just because someone ages, does not mean that their lives are any less important than those of younger generations; in fact, their golden years should be cherished for all that they are worth.

As the number of senior citizens grows, so many of our elders live in nursing homes for help with their activities of daily living. Our senior citizens who are not well deserve care and protection from life threatening injuries that may occur while living in these facilities. Many of these nursing homes are well-staffed with dedicated nurses and doctors who provide attentive and good care; however, others fail to take to very basic measures to prevent their residents from having falls that can result in hip fractures or head trauma that may lead to untimely death. 

By law, nursing homes are required to undertake fall-risk assessments, and implement corresponding fall precautions such as: appropriate level of staff to assist with toileting and other daily activities; lowering the patient’s bed closer to the ground; placement of cushioned floor mats in the room; providing non-skid socks; use of concave mattress pads; “lap buddies” to prevent falls from wheel chairs; and alarms to alert staff when a patient is attempting to get up unassisted. Bed rails may also be appropriate in particular circumstances.

Experts have established that these simple and inexpensive precautions save lives, but many nursing homes do not use them as needed resulting in severe injuries and even death. If you have a loved one in a nursing home, please keep these things in mind and inquire whether all appropriate measures are in place for their protection.

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