Nursing Home Negligence And Abuse

At the law firm of Hertz Schram, we help people who have been injured in nursing home falls obtain fair compensation for damages caused by the negligence of these providers. We also represent family members who have lost loved ones due to falling injuries or related complications.

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By definition, residents in assisted living facilities require a level of care that is not available in their own homes. Nursing home operators in Michigan and elsewhere promise to provide that care in exchange for a small monthly fortune. All too often, however, the corporations that run these facilities can't make good on their half of the bargain because they have cut corners on care wherever possible.

Nursing home falls are instructive of how cost-cutting measures play out in the real world. In most cases, these "accidents" are really just the inevitable result of a decision to either A) leave facilities understaffed and ill-equipped to handle residents' needs; or B) provide staff members with only minimal or inadequate training.

In a home without proper training or enough staff members on duty, a resident who might require the help of two people to safely get into or out of bed might only have one available or none at all. Another might be able to wander off alone or away from the facility without staff members noticing. In either case, serious injuries can result from falls.

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