Wipe Your Criminal Slate Clean – Get a Fresh Start

Category: Criminal Defense

By Attorneys Walter Piszczatowski and Michael Rex

Criminal convictions, both felony and misdemeanor, trigger a vast array of civil disabilities and collateral consequences that relegate many to a second-class citizen status. Not only do most employers conduct background checks to weed out applicants with criminal histories, many job opportunities and employment positions are completely foreclosed to those with a criminal background, and often times a criminal conviction precludes state or other administrative licensure.

The “punishment” suffered as the result of a criminal conviction may go on indefinitely. The State of Michigan, however, provides a legal method for expunging one’s criminal conviction under certain circumstances. But surprisingly, only 6.5% of people eligible to clear their record, seek to do so. The Michigan Legislature has recently proposed changes in Michigan’s laws for setting aside convictions that, when enacted, will significantly expand the type and number of convictions a person can have permanently removed from their record. There are both personal and financial benefits to having one’s criminal record erased and hopefully, soon there will be even greater opportunity to do so.

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