Two businesses collaborate on franchising venture in Michigan

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The more experience one has in his or her chosen field, the more successful he or she will likely be in business. One family in Michigan knows this all too well and, with 45 years of experience in retail, the family is now running a respected and successful appliance and furniture business. Now, the family is attempting to enhance its success through a franchising venture with Art Van Furniture.

The retailer Erickson Appliances and Furniture has recently struck a deal with Art Van to open a new business venture named Art Van Furniture & Erickson Appliance. The new franchise will begin serving the public around early November. Erickson Appliances and Furniture purchased another small furniture retailer, Shunk Furniture, in order to provide a location for the new franchise venture with Art Van.

Erickson Appliances and Furniture is family operated and has three generations of the family currently working in the family company. The Shunk Furniture store which the company had purchased to open the new franchise location was another business owned by a family for the last 50 years. Erickson Appliances stated it plans to continue this legacy as another family-owned furniture retailer committed to serving the local community.

The new franchising venture in Michigan has various aspects, which suggest it will be a successful business. However, in order to set the new venture off to a good start, all of the correct legal paperwork must be completed in order to create a legitimate business in good standing with the law. Also, contracts between the two collaborating companies must also be drafted in order to ensure that all parties understand what is expected of them.

Source:, ” Metro Detroit-based Art Van Furniture opening another Upper Peninsula location ,” David Muller, Aug. 1, 2013

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