More women may be good business planning idea for tech companies

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Women make up half of the population and therefore make up half of the consumers in the economy. This is why companies in all industries and sectors have a financial interest in targeting women in their marketing campaigns to promote products and services in Michigan or in any other state. However, many companies in the software industry may be having trouble targeting women and may have to adjust their business planning strategies in order to do so.

One of the problems that many companies have in the software industry is a lack of women in the workforce. This is widespread throughout the software industry with only 20 percent of software developers being women. In comparison to other industries, this number is low, considering that 56 percent of people in finance and business positions are women. Also, women account for 36 percent of medical doctors and 33 percent of attorneys.

The lack of women in the software industry came into the public’s attention after the CEO of Snapchat’s emails full of misogynistic comments were revealed. The CEO has since apologized for the comments in the emails, which he had written to his fraternity brothers during his college years. However, many women in the industry have argued that this type of attitude is highly prevalent in the technology and software industry. This can be a problem financially for many companies since studies have shown that companies with more diversity in the workforce are more successful.

Therefore, it is important for startup companies in Michigan or any other state to include plans to maintain a healthy level of diversity in its workforce. Another important part of business planning is to ensure that a startup company complies with relevant rules and regulations. Failure to follow applicable laws can result in fines and other expenses.

Source: Time, “Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’s Sexism Matter: Gender in Silicon Valley“, Eliana Dockterman, May 29, 2014

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