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JP Morgan may face consumer class actions from millions

One’s Social Security number is an important identification tool and is used by various regulatory agencies and businesses to identify an individual. However, it is also an important tool for identity thieves who are looking to commit fraud by…

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Michigan food trucks started with new business grants

While it’s common sense that everyone needs food to survive, food can also be a integral way for business people to express their entrepreneurship. There are many businesses related to food which are available to entrepreneurs. Although most people…

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2 Michigan commercial real estate firms merge together

Companies are always looking for ways to expand their business in order to increase profits. One of the best ways to do this is through collaboration with another company, which will help pool resources and networks of the two…

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Michigan company focuses business planning on digital media

Digital media used to be called the future, but nowadays it is the way of the world. People use the Internet, social media and other digital media to communicate messages to each other almost constantly now. One Michigan company…

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Michigan entrepreneurs start new business ideas as students

Most people in college are planning to start their career after they graduate. However, many student entrepreneurs at Western Michigan University (WMU) are savvy enough to begin their new business es while they are still enrolled in college. One…

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Real estate financing increases in West Michigan

One of the signs that the real estate market may be growing is when the market starts seeing banks lending heavily to consumers for real estate financing . The lending power of banks had been temporarily stifled as a…

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Two businesses collaborate on franchising venture in Michigan

The more experience one has in his or her chosen field, the more successful he or she will likely be in business. One family in Michigan knows this all too well and, with 45 years of experience in retail,…

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Michigan entrepreneur displays creative business planning

Being an entrepreneur is almost like being an artist. Whatever one entrepreneur can imagine, he or she can often make it an actuality in the business world. However, it may take a certain amount of business planning in order…

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Man is laid off, then starts successful new business in Michigan

It is best to look on the bright side, as the saying goes. In other words, it is best to stay optimistic and make the best of it when a negative situation arises. Many people may have found themselves…

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New business required to adjust business plans in Michigan

When starting a new company, an entrepreneur must take into consideration any laws and regulations which could apply to the type of business contemplated. One entrepreneur and her sisters initially failed to do this when they attempted to…

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