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Construction company faces business litigation in Michigan

Construction projects can be complicated, and many unexpected events may end up occurring. This can put a construction company at risk of a business litigation lawsuit if a party believes the company’s negligence may have caused injury or damage to property. One state government agency in Michigan has recently accused a construction company of negligence, which allegedly resulted in damage to the basements of over 20 residential properties.

Business litigation erupts over mall redevelopment project

In business, it is essential to honor one's agreements. Not only does this make for better business, it can also help to avoid future legal problems in Michigan or elsewhere. This includes proper usage of venture capital funding obtained from investors. It seems that one businessman may have failed to do this in a mall redevelopment project, and this has resulted in a business lawsuit.

Google suffers setback in latest round of business litigation

In a case that has dragged on for several years, Google has recently seemed to lose ground. An appeals judge has ruled against it in the latest round of this business litigation between Oracle and the search engine giant. While this lawsuit is not based in Michigan, the eventual outcome may affect technology users everywhere.

Ebay settles business litigation lawsuit

The free market is an important force in helping to promote economic growth in all sectors of the economy. Competition between firms is an important aspect of a free market in Michigan or in any other state. Not only is competition between firms for market share important in keeping prices low, it is also important within the labor market to make sure wages are at a fair level. However, sometimes companies may temporarily lack good judgment and end up violating laws protecting competition in the labor market, resulting in business litigation.

Business litigation centers around condo bylaws in Michigan

When a child is born, the community usually rejoices. However, this turned out not to be the case when a couple recently gave birth to their second child in Michigan. The condominium complex forced the couple to sell their home due to bylaws in their condominium association that forbid more than three residents in the couple's home. This resulted in a business litigation lawsuit filed against the condominium association.

Hewlett-Packard settles securities litigation lawsuit

Corporations that sell stock shares to the public market are regulated by various securities laws. These laws are designed to keep companies responsible for the interests of the shareholders who are part owners of the companies they invest in through purchasing stocks. However, if a company ends up breaking some of these rules, it could find itself facing a securities litigation in Michigan or in any other state.

Fitbit prepares to defend business litigation lawsuit

Wearable technology is one of the newest market trends that can be seen in the popularity of products such as Google glass. Many companies in Michigan and elsewhere have become profitable by offering wearable technology products to consumers. However, there are still some risks associated with this particular sector. One of these is the possibility of business litigation resulting from defective products.

Residents file business litigation lawsuit against energy company

Believe it or not, the weather plays a large part in many markets. This is definitely the case with the energy industry in Michigan or in any other state. One energy company is finding this out following a recent spate of cold weather in its area. This caused energy bills for consumers to increase, which has prompted consumers start business litigation against the energy company.

Google faces business litigation, possible class action

Privacy is important to most Americans. This has become a pivotal issue in American society in the midst of the rise of the NSA and the Edward Snowden scandal. Now, Google is being accused of invading the privacy of its users, including many people in Michigan. The company is now facing business litigation that may become a class-action lawsuit.

Trader Joe's faces commercial litigation over snack product

In general, the free market means that companies are allowed to do business with who they want with as minimal restrictions as possible. This is meant to spur competition which will result in increased overall efficiency and productivity in Michigan or in any other market. However, there are times when actions taken by a company can be considered too anti-competitive and therefore a monopoly. Trader Joe's is now facing a lawsuit alleging it is conducting monopolistic practices.

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