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Hertz Schram Partner, Lisa D Stern Receives Best in Michigan for Client Satisfaction

Lisa D Stern, Partner, Family Law, was elected 2016 American Institution of Family Law Attorneys 10 Best in Michigan for Client Satisfaction for her exceptional work in family law. Selection criteria focused on attorneys who demonstrate the highest standards…

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Michigan Custody Law Must be Amended to Encompass Artificial Reproductive Technology

Michigan is considering an amendment to the Child Custody Act that will enable parents who have children as result of in vitro fertilization from anonymous sperm and egg donors to be legally considered the child’s parents. Based upon current…

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Managing Your Emotions During a Divorce

Divorce is an emotionally difficult process, a statement most of us believe to be true. Yet, when you’re the one going through a divorce, the full truth of this statement becomes self-evident. You find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster…

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Promoting Professionalism Through Better Communication Skills And Techniques

[Excerpts taken from presentation given by Richard S. Victor, Chair of Professionalism and Collegiality committee, national American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, given at the AAML national meeting in Panama City, Panama,…

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Family Law Q&A With Richard S. Victor

Question: If someone who is considering divorce contacts you seeking advice and or help, what is the first thing you ask them? And what is the first thing you tell them to do?…

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