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What’s an SNDA and Do I Need One?

By Attorney Laurie Raab  My landlord defaulted on its mortgage, and I’m being evicted. Huh? How is that possible when I have a lease? If there was a mortgage on the property at the time you entered into your lease,…

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But I Never Received Notice!

A few years ago, I received a call from an elderly client (let’s call him “Fred”) in a panic. Fred told me that he went out to his lake cottage one spring for the first time since winter and…

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Considering Not Filing the Property Transfer Affidavit? Don’t Even Think About It!

Prior to 1995, real property in Michigan was taxed at its “assessed value”; that is, at 50% of its true cash value, which Michigan courts deem synonymous with fair market value. This meant that taxes on real property went…

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Must the POSSIBILITY of Obtaining a Zoning Variance Be Considered When Appealing a Property Tax Assessment?

When Appealing a Michigan Property Tax Assessment, Must the Possibility of Obtaining a Zoning Variance Be Considered in Determining the Property’s True Cash Value? The Answer: It depends! MS v. City of Brighton, 2015 Mich. App. LEXIS 799 (Apr. 21, 2015), highlights…

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Who Is the “Party In Interest” When Appealing Property Tax Assessments?

It’s not always as straight forward as you might think! JMC v. City of Grand Rapids, 2015 Mich. App. LEXIS 953 (May 12, 2015), highlights the importance of knowing the “party in interest” with the right to appeal a Michigan…

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Utility Companies May Install “Smart Meters” on Customer Property Without Permission

Last week’s Michigan Court of Appeals decision in Stenman v. Stenman, Docket Number 321203, provides a cautionary tale: You do not always have absolute control over your own property. In Stenman, the court recognized the broad authority of a public utility…

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