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In Michigan, courts are still supporting non-compete agreements

This article looks at how Michigan courts are still somewhat favorable to non-compete agreement. Non-compete agreements have become a matter of intense debate in recent years. While many businesses argue that non-competes are necessary in order to protect sensitive trade…

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Federal insider trading lawsuit has links to Michigan

Late last year, a University of Michigan faculty member was named as the person who provided information to a hedge fund manager at SAC Capital Advisors LP in New York, allowing that hedge fund to make nearly $300 million…

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Facts about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act affects everyone’s internet browsing experience, and therefore it helps to understand it completely. Those in Michigan who spend any amount of time on the internet are probably familiar with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or…

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Employee and customer satisfaction are vital during a merger in MI

A merger may be an effective way to increase a company’s success. However, it is important to ease customers’ and employees’ transition through the process. For many businesses in Michigan and elsewhere, merging with another entity may provide increased opportunities…

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Court confirms difference between Ponzi schemes, intentional misconduct

In 2012, The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a district court decision that would have ordered the American Cancer Society to pay back nearly a quarter million dollars in donations. The court came to its decision after deliberating whether…

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Choosing a business structure for a new Michigan business

This article looks at how choosing the right business structure can impact a new business in Michigan. Michigan can be a great place to start a new business. As reports, Michigan was recently ranked the fourth-most small-business-friendly state in…

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An introduction to the SEC’s whistleblower program

In 2010, the Dodd-Frank Act established a new whistleblower program run by the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, to help quickly identify SEC violations, including fraud. It is important that those in the finance industry understand how the…

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Benefits of Blowing the Whistle Under the False Claims Act

Attorney Patricia Stamler is pleased to announce the resolution of a claim that her clients, Scott Stone and Bethany McKinley, who served as Relators (whistleblowers) in a case brought on behalf of the United States of America against…

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What’s an SNDA and Do I Need One?

By Attorney Laurie Raab  My landlord defaulted on its mortgage, and I’m being evicted. Huh? How is that possible when I have a lease? If there was a mortgage on the property at the time you entered into your lease,…

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You Can’t Keep a (Will) Secret!

Can you keep a secret…? If so, how long?   For the answer to the above questions, please read the below blog written by Attorney Kenneth Silver to see why you shouldn’t!  One of the most common questions…

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