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New state law makes mortgage fraud a felony

Michigan is taking a strong stand on mortgage fraud. New state laws that went into effect at the start of the year have redefined mortgage fraud in the eyes of the law and outline strict consequences for perpetrators. Residential mortgage…

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New software may mean more criminal charges in Oakland County, Michigan

Police departments in Michigan are cutting down on crime by using a new form of crime analytics. The software, CrimeView Dashboard, allows officers to analyze seven different points of data in an effort to reduce the rate of felonies…

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Michigan Transportation Institute sees rise in traffic fatalities

While many types of negligence lead to personal injuries, one of the most frequent and most harmful causes is motor vehicle accidents. The extreme forces and violence of car, truck and motorcycle accidents are all too frequently severe enough to cause the…

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Michigan Supreme Court Reviews Auto Insurance “One-Year-Back” Limits

Prompt action in the aftermath of a car accident or truck accident is important for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, personal injury victims often need compensation as soon as possible to help them avoid the financial distress caused by medical bills, lost income…

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Michigan police participate in three-day drunk driving crackdown

During popular sporting events, police may be out in force with the sole aim of pulling over drunk drivers. This was the case in Michigan over Super Bowl weekend, when police in 20 counties conducted a three day blitz…

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Michigan police officer accused of drunk driving

While everybody makes mistakes, some mistakes have more serious repercussions than others. A Lansing Police Department sergeant made a mistake this summer that resulted in his arrest for drunk driving. The sergeant crashed into a cargo truck after he…

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Michigan cracks down on “super” drunk drivers

In efforts to deter the people of Michigan from drunk driving and to create more serious consequences for it, one city now has two different classifications for drunk drivers. A new Royal Oaks city ordinance imposes heavy fines and…

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In Michigan, courts are still supporting non-compete agreements

This article looks at how Michigan courts are still somewhat favorable to non-compete agreement. Non-compete agreements have become a matter of intense debate in recent years. While many businesses argue that non-competes are necessary in order to protect sensitive trade…

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Federal insider trading lawsuit has links to Michigan

Late last year, a University of Michigan faculty member was named as the person who provided information to a hedge fund manager at SAC Capital Advisors LP in New York, allowing that hedge fund to make nearly $300 million…

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Facts about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act affects everyone’s internet browsing experience, and therefore it helps to understand it completely. Those in Michigan who spend any amount of time on the internet are probably familiar with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or…

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