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Business start up successful for Bloomfield Hills woman

This recent rough economic time in the United States has hurt many large companies, leading them to lay off workers. Detroit, and the surrounding area, has certainly not been immune from this turbulent economic climate. Some might say it’s…

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Possible cyber-spying software found on couple’s computer

When a business is involved in commercial litigation , such as when a consumer files a complaint against a company, there are many factors that can have unforeseen effects on a business’ strategic position. A recent Michigan newspaper report provided details on how…

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Investment funds granted to a group of young entrepreneurs

An important part of launching a business in Michigan, or elsewhere, is creating an effective business plan and taking the steps to see it through. An essential part of business planning is locating new injections of cash so the…

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Michigan Legislature Takes Action to Fend off Non-Recourse Turned Recourse Liabilities

Written by Kenneth F. Silver, Esq. Recently, I wrote a blog concerning the Cherryland Mall case wherein a presumably non-recourse CMBS loan was determined to be recourse because the borrower’s default was held to be a breach of the insolvency…

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Medical facility criticized for hiring practices

One Texas hospital has recently been criticized in the media for its hiring policy. Any time that a business, regardless of size, institutes a policy regarding employees, such as a hiring policy, there is a potential for a dispute…

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Detroit Developers Behind On Payments For Federal Loans

During times of economic troubles, individuals and businesses often struggle to make ends meet. Often, developers with optimistic intentions of improving impoverished areas of the community are faced with challenges when the economy heads to troubled waters. Many area developers…

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Year-old Michigan franchise lawsuit continues

A former Michigan franchise owner is still involved in a lawsuit involving a piece of business real estate that he previously owned. A Michigan news website reported recently that the Cottage Inn pizza chain, which is based in Ann…

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Recent Case Turns Non-Recourse Lending Into Recourse

By Kenneth F. Silver Over the course of the last dozen years or so, many owners of commercial properties have taken advantage of a program known as CMBS (Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities) to obtain non-recourse financing at very favorable rates….

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Michigan governor disagrees with court’s ruling on public workers

Oakland County readers learned this week that the governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, has elected to appeal the ruling of a U.S. District Court judge. This ruling found that a state law banning government entities from mandating project labor…

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What’s in a name? Popular franchises find success in Michigan

Consumers and businesses throughout the Oakland County area know all too well the tough financial times that we’ve all endured over the past few years. Fortunately, many of the prospective business owners waiting patiently in the wings have weathered…

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