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Report shows a decrease in new business start-ups

According to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau, new business start-ups decreased to a record low in 2010. The percentage of businesses that were new organizations was below eight percent according to this recent report. The new business…

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Business formation: 3 Start Garden winners receive $5,000

Start Garden, a venture capital project in Michigan, is backed by $15 million provided by a family that is earmarked for individuals to compete for investment money. Entrepreneurs participate in Start Garden by laying their ideas out on the…

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Business mediation helps to solve business disputes

Michigan business owners typically run into problems as they operate their company. It is just part of the job. The same could be said regarding disputes in the business industry, whether with an employee or another company. Business mediation is…

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Michigan business formation: investors may help entrepreneurs

Starting a business is by no means an easy task. It takes careful planning from the get-go. And to begin, you need a solid idea to work from. However, even with an idea, it can be hard to get…

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Michigan entrepreneurs use pitch money to form cooking school

A popular Michigan-based competition, known as 5×5 Night, provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their food-related business ideas. If the judges are interested, the participants may receive investment money to kick start their idea and begin the business…

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Business start up successful for Bloomfield Hills woman

This recent rough economic time in the United States has hurt many large companies, leading them to lay off workers. Detroit, and the surrounding area, has certainly not been immune from this turbulent economic climate. Some might say it’s…

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Possible cyber-spying software found on couple’s computer

When a business is involved in commercial litigation , such as when a consumer files a complaint against a company, there are many factors that can have unforeseen effects on a business’ strategic position. A recent Michigan newspaper report provided details on how…

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Investment funds granted to a group of young entrepreneurs

An important part of launching a business in Michigan, or elsewhere, is creating an effective business plan and taking the steps to see it through. An essential part of business planning is locating new injections of cash so the…

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Michigan Legislature Takes Action to Fend off Non-Recourse Turned Recourse Liabilities

Written by Kenneth F. Silver, Esq. Recently, I wrote a blog concerning the Cherryland Mall case wherein a presumably non-recourse CMBS loan was determined to be recourse because the borrower’s default was held to be a breach of the insolvency…

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Medical facility criticized for hiring practices

One Texas hospital has recently been criticized in the media for its hiring policy. Any time that a business, regardless of size, institutes a policy regarding employees, such as a hiring policy, there is a potential for a dispute…

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