Two franchising business people re-open fast food restaurants

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Most people enjoy modern-day conveniences. This can be especially true for busy Americans who are hungry but have little time to cook for themselves. Demand for convenient eating options has made the fast food franchising business a potentially profitable industry to enter. One entrepreneur from Michigan recognized this and decided to team up with another entrepreneur in order to re-open a fast food restaurant chain which had shut recently shut down in another state.

The new owners of the Checkers restaurant locations took over the former owner’s franchise territory. The former owner had to close the restaurant locations amidst a bankruptcy process. The new owners plan to open as many as eight more stores within the county. The previous owner ended up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009.

After doing a careful study of the location’s surrounding demographics and researching the traffic patterns, they decided to move forward with their business plans. The two entrepreneurs also recognized what customers liked about the restaurant, which they believe was fast service and convenience. Most of the customers visiting Checkers ordered at the drive-through window. Many of the customers missed having the restaurant because of the convenience and the good food, according to one of the new owners.

Along with market research, the two franchising entrepreneurs needed to also make sure all of their legal requirements were being met. Restaurants in Michigan and elsewhere in the nation are regulated by their own local laws, which require certain types of permits to be obtained. Also, there are certain safety standards which are necessary when serving food products in a restaurant.

Source: Florida Today, ” Fast-food franchise Checkers gets new life in Brevard ,” Patrick Peterson, Feb. 27, 2013

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