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Hertz Schram’s international services team serves as a business gateway for its clients across the globe. This includes a variety of business, transactional and litigation services between the United States and all parts of Europe, Asia, China, Japan, Canada, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.  Our international team gives our clients access to a wide range of specialized services including:

Hertz Schram’s international platform allows our attorneys to offer expert advice across many areas due to our diverse practice areas. This gives our clients a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Our unique ability to fully integrate Hertz Schram’s multiple and diverse team of attorneys in an array of practice areas – from entertainment and intellectual property to employment, tax, or real estate – affords our clients the luxury of multi-national representation by industry leading attorneys that help drive business across multiple industries and countries in a time and cost effective manner.

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Our clients deserve the best possible international representation in business, litigation and transactions.
Everyday, our attorneys strive to provide it.

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Howard Hertz


"I have successfully and aggressively represented creatives and their entities for more than forty years. "

Michael T. Fluhler


"Intellectual property should be treated as any other investment – it should be strategically protected, aligned and leveraged to maximize value and reduce risks across multiple markets."

Joseph A. Bellanca


"I’m a fearless negotiator and solutions-oriented advocate for my clients in protecting their creations and enforcing their rights."

Richard H. Schloss


"I solve clients’ problems."

Jeffrey A. Robbins


"A seasoned and experienced attorney with over 40 years of hands on experience working with clients and their other professionals to achieve their business and estate planning objectives on a multi-generational basis."

Robert P. Geller


"I am relentless in pursuit of my client’s objectives, drawing upon thirty – seven years of experience to formulate creative solutions to their problems."

Kenneth F. Silver


"I’m direct, responsive and an effective fighter for my clients."

Steve J. Weiss


"My combination of analytical and communication skills, clear-thinking, and caring for and advocacy on behalf of my clients helps me obtain successful results in an efficient manner."

Walter J. Piszczatowski


Gerald Cavellier


"I advise my clients to take the high road by reminding all parties that if they have children together they will continue to be part of each other’s lives post-judgment."

Lisa D. Stern


"Provides her clients with clear advice, smart strategies, honest representation and a small dose of humor to help then get through an otherwise difficult time."

Patricia Stamler


"A tenacious advocate who resolves complex legal issues for her clients."

Alexander Stotland


"A creative problem solver and aggressive litigator to resolve your business disputes in your favor, one way or another."

Matthew J. Turchyn


"I am a creative, strategic, and result-oriented advocate for my clients."

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