New business in Michigan focuses on seeds and expansion

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Growing pains is a universal phenomenon for human beings. This can also be said of any new business within any industry. When a business begins to grow, a business owner will have to make adjustments to the structure of the business operations in order to fully capitalize on the company’s growth. One new agriculture company in Michigan is now experiencing its own growing pains as it predicts rapid growth in the near future.

The company specializes in selling seeds for gardening purposes. The new startup began with ten seed varieties. However, the new company added 17 more seed varieties since the company’s inception two years ago. Currently the company sells its seeds at various markets and events. The seed company is now looking to purchase more land in order to grow more vegetables and fruit in order to offer more products to the market.

The company’s owner is an environmentalist who is looking to maintain diversity and freshness within local ecosystems. He has a passion for organic and native vegetable and fruit varieties. The man came up with the idea for the seed company while he was working as a delivery truck driver. He now works on expanding his new startup seed company full time along with his wife.

However, the man will have to be careful in planning for the expansion of the new business in Michigan. Strategic allocation of funds will ensure that the company will be able to realize its fullest potential during this critical growth period. One important aspect in reaching business expansion goals is to make sure the company complies with all rules and regulations. Knowledge of applicable laws can help to avoid future costly liabilities.

Source:, “Ann Arbor Seed Co expects business to blossom this spring“, Jon Zemke, April 25, 2014

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