New business helps other companies recruit engineering students

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One of the most important aspects of running a solid business is finding the right personnel and talent. Recruiting the right people can be one of the more challenging aspects of a start-up venture, since a new company does not usually have an established reputation to attract the talent it needs. This is where new start-up Ready Force can step in to offer assistance. This new business was created to help other start-up businesses recruit engineering students by traveling to colleges across the country. They recently made a trip to a college campus in Michigan as part of their van tour.

ReadyForce’s aim is to help other companies recruit the engineers needed for their businesses. The company has purchased a tour van it is calling the ‘Hacker Tour’ van in order to travel across the country to link college students with companies who may be interested in giving them a job. ReadyForce is doing this by having students sign up on their website and create profiles to allow companies to search their resume and skill sets.

The founders of ReadyForce created the service with the knowledge that many start-up companies do not have the ability to implement a recruiting campaign outside of their local vicinity. ReadyForce is attempting to fill this recruiting gap for new companies and already has 26 companies sponsoring their road trip across the country. The sponsoring companies’ logos are adorned across the tour van. The van is planning an eight-week tour visiting 27 campuses across the U.S.

A new business like ReadyForce commonly needs sponsors and investors to get the business off the ground. This will require showing investors that the company’s leaders have a complete and realistic business plan in place. A well written business plan has the ability to attract venture capitalists in Michigan or elsewhere who want to invest in the business idea. That is one of the areas where having someone experienced in Michigan business planning to assist can often prove invaluable.

Source:, ” Startup-sponsored ‘Hacker Tour’ comes to Michigan Engineering career fair ,” Ben Freed, Sept. 26, 2012

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