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Michigan hospital company hit with business lawsuit

Many times when running a business one may decide to hire managers or supervisors in order to help manage the business operations. This can make a company more efficient and productive and therefore more profitable. However, this can also leave the company exposed to risk of business litigation lawsuits resulting from the mistreatment of employees by managers and supervisors. This is what seems to have recently happened to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Michigan.

Michigan real estate company faces business litigation

A good idea can be worth a fortune. This is the reason why intellectual property laws were created in order to allow people with good ideas and original concepts to have a chance to make their fortunes. This includes protection for trademarks which can be valuable, especially for well-known businesses or entities with a respected reputation. Recently, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) filed a business litigation lawsuit in order to protect its intellectual property rights to its own trademark.

Cemetery prevails in business litigation in Michigan

Death is a serious matter. This is especially true when one is operating a cemetery business. However, this means the company's clients take this matter seriously as well, which could lead to possible business litigation lawsuits and contract disputes if there is a mistake made at the cemetery. One woman decided to sue a cemetery in Michigan after it made a mistake regarding the burial of her parents.

Michigan medical clinic faces business litigation lawsuits

Sanitation is essential for medical professionals. Not only does this protect the medical personnel, it also protects patients from dangerous infections which could cause personal health problems or even death. Unfortunately, one medical clinic in Michigan may not have maintained sanitation standards, which has prompted several people to file business litigation lawsuits against the medical services provider.

Michigan energy drink companies face business litigation

Sometimes people need a little something extra to wake up and remain alert during the work day or even a long road trip at night. This is where the various energy drinks which have recently flooded the market come into play. One of the most popular energy drinks is the 5-Hour Energy drink. The Michigan based companies that produce the drink claim that there is no energy crash which is common in other drinks. However, some are accusing them of false advertising in a series of business litigation lawsuits.

Eli Lily sues for patent infringement in business litigation case

Just because a company has had its patent approved by regulating authorities does not mean that it no longer has anything to worry about regarding protecting its intellectual property rights. It is possible for a competing company to attempt to challenge the patent. This is what is happening in a business litigation lawsuit in federal court in a case involving a foreign drug maker with an affiliate company based in Michigan.

Dow faces class-action business litigation in price-fixing case

Fair competition is one of the main pillars of capitalism. It fuels creativity and innovation while keeping prices from being too high for consumers. This is why there are laws against competitors in an industry colluding together to keep prices higher in order to make larger profits. However, this is what Michigan company Dow Chemical was being accused of doing in a recent business litigation class-action lawsuit.

Banning arbitration clauses may increase business litigation

Generally businesses and entrepreneurs want to avoid having to go to court over any type of dispute. Business litigation can be expensive and time-consuming, which can be detrimental to a company's profit margins. The car industry in Michigan and elsewhere have been aware of this, which is why automotive dealerships have been including binding commercial arbitration agreements in their loan contracts.

Michigan lawmaker proposes tax law for new business entities

Keeping up to date on the latest changes in business laws and regulations is important for any entrepreneur looking to form a new business. Some of these changes can affect how certain types of business entities are taxed. One lawmaker from Michigan is currently promoting a change in the law that will alter the tax liabilities of some business partnerships. Anybody who is looking to start a new business will want to pay attention to the details of the proposed changes in tax law.

Eliminating manufacturer tax may be good for business planning

Many people in the business community are concerned that overbearing taxation may impede economic growth. This could be especially important in an economy still slow to recover from the recent recession. The governor of Michigan has responded to this concern by releasing a new plan to gradually eliminate a tax manufacturers are charged for equipment. The new plan is an altered version of another recent proposal to eliminate the tax. It is important for manufacturers in the state to consider the potential changes in taxation when creating their business planning options.

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