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Michigan medical clinic faces business litigation lawsuits

Sanitation is essential for medical professionals. Not only does this protect the medical personnel, it also protects patients from dangerous infections which could cause personal health problems or even death. Unfortunately, one medical clinic in Michigan may not have maintained sanitation standards, which has prompted several people to file business litigation lawsuits against the medical services provider.

JP Morgan may face consumer class actions from millions

One's Social Security number is an important identification tool and is used by various regulatory agencies and businesses to identify an individual. However, it is also an important tool for identity thieves who are looking to commit fraud by accessing somebody's financial accounts or any other account. This is why financial institutions in Michigan and elsewhere are required by law to take certain actions to prevent the Social Security numbers of their customers from identity theft. Unfortunately, one bank seems to have failed to do this which could result in consumer class actions against the financial institution.

Michigan energy drink companies face business litigation

Sometimes people need a little something extra to wake up and remain alert during the work day or even a long road trip at night. This is where the various energy drinks which have recently flooded the market come into play. One of the most popular energy drinks is the 5-Hour Energy drink. The Michigan based companies that produce the drink claim that there is no energy crash which is common in other drinks. However, some are accusing them of false advertising in a series of business litigation lawsuits.

Eli Lily sues for patent infringement in business litigation case

Just because a company has had its patent approved by regulating authorities does not mean that it no longer has anything to worry about regarding protecting its intellectual property rights. It is possible for a competing company to attempt to challenge the patent. This is what is happening in a business litigation lawsuit in federal court in a case involving a foreign drug maker with an affiliate company based in Michigan.

Dow faces class-action business litigation in price-fixing case

Fair competition is one of the main pillars of capitalism. It fuels creativity and innovation while keeping prices from being too high for consumers. This is why there are laws against competitors in an industry colluding together to keep prices higher in order to make larger profits. However, this is what Michigan company Dow Chemical was being accused of doing in a recent business litigation class-action lawsuit.

Banning arbitration clauses may increase business litigation

Generally businesses and entrepreneurs want to avoid having to go to court over any type of dispute. Business litigation can be expensive and time-consuming, which can be detrimental to a company's profit margins. The car industry in Michigan and elsewhere have been aware of this, which is why automotive dealerships have been including binding commercial arbitration agreements in their loan contracts.

Protecting Your Key Business Assets Takes More than Just a Non-Compete

It's not only what your business knows, but also who at your business knows it. Industry leading companies echo that key employees, who typically possess institutional knowledge and trade secrets, are their most valuable assets. Particularly for sales focused organizations, the risk of disloyal key employees taking know-how and relationships can be catastrophic. Protecting your key business assets is vital.

Blue Cross embroiled in contract disputes in hospital

When two companies collaborate in business together, they usually will operate under some form of written agreement. One of the most common types of business contracts in Michigan and elsewhere is a provider or service agreement. However, like any other type of understanding, these written agreements can be vulnerable to contract disputes . This is what is happening with Northwest Health System (NHS) and Blue Cross & Blue Shield (BCBS).

Racial discrimination claims may lead to Michigan employment litigation

There is a fine line that both employers and their employees walk each day to create a balanced and functional workplace. Each side has responsibilities to uphold and expectations to maintain. Employees expect to be treated with respect and compensated for a job well-done. Employers also have expectations for their employees to meet, such as maintaining a professional work environment and performing according to the company's standards and needs.

Red Cross workers halt strike brought on by contract disputes

Ultimately, in order for a large corporation to be successful, they need to make their employees happy. Unfortunately, this is sometimes easier said than done. Often, there are a number of contract disputes that can arise between employers and employees. This seems to be the case in Michigan with the American Red Cross blood collection workers.

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