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Michigan fruit cannery settles business litigation lawsuit

Business is not conducted in a vacuum. Decisions a business owner makes will affect many others in the marketplace as well as the local community. However, even the most well-meaning company can find itself being accused of negatively affecting individuals in its surrounding local community, which many times can lead to business litigation. One company in Michigan recently faced this challenge in a civil lawsuit.

Michigan store settles business litigation lawsuit with employee

It is important for a retail business to protect itself from theft, since theft has the potential to drastically cut into profit margins. Unfortunately, customers are not always who a retailer should be worried about. Employees are oftentimes found guilty of theft of company property. One retailer in Michigan recently fired an employee for theft and then found itself facing a commercial lawsuit alleging wrongful termination.

McDonald's faces another hot coffee commercial litigation lawsuit

It is essential for a business to maintain the safety of its work environment for its employees as well as its customers.

This can be particularly important for a fast food business in Michigan or any other state. These businesses can be sued by those who are injured by negligent acts of a company's staff even if the owners of the business did not personally do anything wrong. McDonald's seems to be experiencing this in a recent commercial litigation case filed by a customer.

Michigan hospital company hit with business lawsuit

Many times when running a business one may decide to hire managers or supervisors in order to help manage the business operations. This can make a company more efficient and productive and therefore more profitable. However, this can also leave the company exposed to risk of business litigation lawsuits resulting from the mistreatment of employees by managers and supervisors. This is what seems to have recently happened to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Michigan.

Former CME Managing Director facing breach of contract suit

Many times when a person is working for a company, he or she is required to agree to certain terms of employment. This often includes a non-compete clause that bars the worker from obtaining employment with a competing firm within a certain period after ending his or her employment with the current company. If a Michigan worker does not comply with these terms, it could lead to a breach of contract lawsuit.

Michigan real estate company faces business litigation

A good idea can be worth a fortune. This is the reason why intellectual property laws were created in order to allow people with good ideas and original concepts to have a chance to make their fortunes. This includes protection for trademarks which can be valuable, especially for well-known businesses or entities with a respected reputation. Recently, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) filed a business litigation lawsuit in order to protect its intellectual property rights to its own trademark.

Cemetery prevails in business litigation in Michigan

Death is a serious matter. This is especially true when one is operating a cemetery business. However, this means the company's clients take this matter seriously as well, which could lead to possible business litigation lawsuits and contract disputes if there is a mistake made at the cemetery. One woman decided to sue a cemetery in Michigan after it made a mistake regarding the burial of her parents.

Company files commercial litigation against Michigan Works

When a government entity is required to hire a private company for work projects, the government agency is required to be unbiased when looking at bids for projects from private companies. However, when a government entity fails to follow these rules, it could be unfairly detrimental to certain companies. Luckily, for these companies, they have the option of filing a commercial litigation lawsuit in an attempt to recoup monetary losses. This seems to be what is happening with a recent lawsuit against Michigan Works.

Michigan company sues foreign company for breach of contract

Companies depend upon legal contracts to do business because contracts provide a sense of security since all parties will be legally bound to fulfill the terms of the agreement. However, business can be unpredictable and many unforeseen circumstances may jeopardize a business arrangement and prevent a party from fulfilling its agreement in a legal contract with another business in Michigan or in any other state. This can result in a breach of contract which can cause significant monetary losses.

Michigan company settles commercial litigation lawsuit

Business laws are designed to help protect and maintain a fair and free marketplace. There are many parties which need to be protected. One of the most important parties that require protection from the law are common stockholders of corporations, since they are more vulnerable to abuse from corporate entities. However, Michigan corporations also have certain legal rights which may need to be defended in a commercial litigation lawsuit.

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