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Two Michigan entrepreneurs start new company to help farmers

When running a business, it is important to keep good books and employ accurate accounting methods. Not only does this help with making budgeting decisions, it is also necessary for tax purposes. However, many people are not as adept at accounting as they could be, due to their inability to understand the complex accounting software on the market. Two businessmen from Michigan noticed this among farmers and decided to start a new company aimed at helping farmers with their accounting tasks.

Michigan fund provides money to help new business start-ups

Many economists argue that recovery from the recent recession requires a stimulation of the economy through government programs aimed at creating jobs. Sometimes the problem is that start-up businesses are not able to find the funding they need to begin operations and, as a result, create more jobs. The Michigan Strategic Fund recently aimed to fix this problem when it awarded $1 million to create a new business incubator collaborative.

Michigan provides funds for business planning, expansion and jobs

People across the U.S. have been feeling the negative impact of the recent recession which the country is still in the process of recovering from. The economic downturn had a significant effect on employment opportunities for people in Michigan and elsewhere in the country. This is why Michigan lawmakers have taken action to create state incentives to assist in business planning to expand 14 businesses which will create approximately 4,590 jobs across the state.

New business opens theater inside Michigan mall

When large companies decide to open a business in a community, many times this will significantly increase economic activity within the local community. This can significantly help a local community jump-start its local economy while also adding more job opportunities for residents. Regal Entertainment Group is looking to do just that by opening a new business , a large stadium-style movie theater at a local mall in Michigan.

Creative business planning fosters creativity in Michigan

Since the recent recession, the economy in the U.S. has changed dramatically. The stable jobs that were once there before may not be as abundant or even in existence anymore. Michigan particularly felt the effects of the recession in the state's manufacturing sector. This has caused many people to flee the struggling local economy; however, there are some people who have been able to capitalize on the current situation. These entrepreneurs have been able to harness their creativity and put it into innovative business planning .

Michigan firm's business planning focuses on hydrogen

Scientific advancements have greatly benefited society in a variety of ways. Science has made life easier, while also providing lucrative business opportunities for others. Entrepreneurs who are able to find their specific niche may also be able to start a new business and capitalize on their innovative ideas with effective business planning . One man in Michigan decided to do this in 1991 with his research company that specializes in developing technology and engineering uses for hydrogen.

New business in Michigan attempts to cure bad breath

Solving a common problem through the design of a product can lead to a lucrative business venture. One new business startup in Michigan is hoping that their new product which attempts to remedy an age-old problem will be a viable business endeavor. The company produces a product which it claims will eliminate bad breath caused by alcohol, tobacco, morning breath and a variety of other causes of halitosis.

Eliminating manufacturer tax may be good for business planning

Many people in the business community are concerned that overbearing taxation may impede economic growth. This could be especially important in an economy still slow to recover from the recent recession. The governor of Michigan has responded to this concern by releasing a new plan to gradually eliminate a tax manufacturers are charged for equipment. The new plan is an altered version of another recent proposal to eliminate the tax. It is important for manufacturers in the state to consider the potential changes in taxation when creating their business planning options.

New business helps other companies recruit engineering students

One of the most important aspects of running a solid business is finding the right personnel and talent. Recruiting the right people can be one of the more challenging aspects of a start-up venture, since a new company does not usually have an established reputation to attract the talent it needs. This is where new start-up Ready Force can step in to offer assistance. This new business was created to help other start-up businesses recruit engineering students by traveling to colleges across the country. They recently made a trip to a college campus in Michigan as part of their van tour.

Business planning pays off for Michigan medical start-up company

When a start-up company begins conducting business, it will need to adhere to certain legal requirements. These considerations will need to be addressed in the business planning process. Some of these requirements are specific to the company's industry and may need approval from particular governmental agencies. This was the case for Tangent Medical Technologies, a small medical start-up with a promising future, based out of Michigan.

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