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Equity Crowdfunding - Harder Than it Looks

The toughest thing for any entrepreneur is to find funding. Brilliant ideas abound but funds are scarce.

Hiring lawyers to prepare a private placement memorandum is expensive and the money raise requires endless meetings and telephone calls to cobble together the full offering amount. Rewards crowdfunding (, has exploded but its limiting.

New local-centric crowdfunding portal helps new business ventures

One of the most important elements needed in starting a new business is funding to lay the groundwork for a successful company.

Procuring startup funding can be challenging for a new business, which is why startup companies should look toward every available avenue to obtain funding. One new method of obtaining venture capital is through crowdfunding. Recently, a businessman in Michigan created a new crowdfunding portal to help new companies get off the ground.

New company focuses on app technology, stays in Michigan

Where one chooses to initiate a startup business is important and can mean the difference between success and failure. Although historically technology startup companies have not looked to Michigan as a fruitful place to begin a new technology firm, this view has significantly changed over the recent years. Now, Michigan is seen as a strategic location for starting a new company focusing on technology.

New company capitalizes on solar energy product in Michigan

Most scientists believe that carbon emissions are harmful to the environment in one way or another. This is why scientists are constantly looking for better ways to utilize alternative energy sources, such as solar power. Technological advancements in this field can also enable a new business to make a profit with the proper business planning . One professor from Michigan has started a new company in hopes of capitalizing on its solar energy product.

New company improves on common heart monitor

Advancements in technology have revolutionized how people maintain and monitor their health. When the heart monitor was invented, it gave individuals the ability to track their own heart rate, which can be important for athletes or people in Michigan with certain types of diseases or medical complications. However, there is always room for continued innovation and improvement. One new company believes it has improved on the heart monitor and plans to make a profit from its invention.

Entrepreneurs compete in Michigan business planning competition

It is important for the local community to encourage new start-up businesses since they play a significant part in keeping the local economy vibrant and healthy. New businesses are a potential source of new jobs which can ultimately stimulate consumer spending. With the proper business planning , a new company will create a product or provide a service that is valuable to the community which creates economic growth. This is the idea behind the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition, which aims to support new business es in the state.

Business planning can prevent future legal costs in Michigan

The government imposes laws on how companies do business in order to protect the marketplace as well as consumers. When a company in Michigan or any other state fails to abide by these laws it could result in serious legal consequences, including lawsuits being filed against the company. Proper business planning to ensure compliance can help to avoid this type of situation. However, JP Morgan Chase ended up in this type of situation as a result of alleged wrongdoing during the recent subprime mortgage crisis.

Michigan food trucks started with new business grants

While it's common sense that everyone needs food to survive, food can also be a integral way for business people to express their entrepreneurship. There are many businesses related to food which are available to entrepreneurs. Although most people will first think of starting a restaurant, there are many non-traditional business avenues one may choose in the food industry when starting a new business . One of these alternative options are food trucks, which have been on the rise recently throughout Michigan.

Michigan company focuses business planning on digital media

Digital media used to be called the future, but nowadays it is the way of the world. People use the Internet, social media and other digital media to communicate messages to each other almost constantly now. One Michigan company recognized this and has focused its business planning around capitalizing on the influence of digital media.

Michigan entrepreneurs start new business ideas as students

Most people in college are planning to start their career after they graduate. However, many student entrepreneurs at Western Michigan University (WMU) are savvy enough to begin their new business es while they are still enrolled in college. One avenue available to WMU students is Starting Gate, which is a new program designed to help students jump start new business ideas.

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