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School sues medical technology company in commercial litigation

Laws affecting business are generally designed to enhance economic activity within the applicable jurisdictions. This also includes laws pertaining to intellectual property rights in Michigan or in any other state. Intellectual property laws ensure that the creator of a novel business idea or technology will be able to bring the product or service to the market without worrying that somebody will steal the idea. However, disagreements over intellectual property rights can require commercial litigation in order to resolve conflicts.

Trader Joe's faces commercial litigation over snack product

In general, the free market means that companies are allowed to do business with who they want with as minimal restrictions as possible. This is meant to spur competition which will result in increased overall efficiency and productivity in Michigan or in any other market. However, there are times when actions taken by a company can be considered too anti-competitive and therefore a monopoly. Trader Joe's is now facing a lawsuit alleging it is conducting monopolistic practices.

McDonald's faces another hot coffee commercial litigation lawsuit

It is essential for a business to maintain the safety of its work environment for its employees as well as its customers.

This can be particularly important for a fast food business in Michigan or any other state. These businesses can be sued by those who are injured by negligent acts of a company's staff even if the owners of the business did not personally do anything wrong. McDonald's seems to be experiencing this in a recent commercial litigation case filed by a customer.

Company files commercial litigation against Michigan Works

When a government entity is required to hire a private company for work projects, the government agency is required to be unbiased when looking at bids for projects from private companies. However, when a government entity fails to follow these rules, it could be unfairly detrimental to certain companies. Luckily, for these companies, they have the option of filing a commercial litigation lawsuit in an attempt to recoup monetary losses. This seems to be what is happening with a recent lawsuit against Michigan Works.

Michigan company settles commercial litigation lawsuit

Business laws are designed to help protect and maintain a fair and free marketplace. There are many parties which need to be protected. One of the most important parties that require protection from the law are common stockholders of corporations, since they are more vulnerable to abuse from corporate entities. However, Michigan corporations also have certain legal rights which may need to be defended in a commercial litigation lawsuit.

JP Morgan may face consumer class actions from millions

One's Social Security number is an important identification tool and is used by various regulatory agencies and businesses to identify an individual. However, it is also an important tool for identity thieves who are looking to commit fraud by accessing somebody's financial accounts or any other account. This is why financial institutions in Michigan and elsewhere are required by law to take certain actions to prevent the Social Security numbers of their customers from identity theft. Unfortunately, one bank seems to have failed to do this which could result in consumer class actions against the financial institution.

Dow faces class-action business litigation in price-fixing case

Fair competition is one of the main pillars of capitalism. It fuels creativity and innovation while keeping prices from being too high for consumers. This is why there are laws against competitors in an industry colluding together to keep prices higher in order to make larger profits. However, this is what Michigan company Dow Chemical was being accused of doing in a recent business litigation class-action lawsuit.

Commercial litigation pits Michigan-based Amway vs. Ebay sellers

In a recent commercial litigation case, Michigan-based direct selling company Amway is taking on several Ebay sellers who are hawking Amway products online. The commercial litigation lawsuit alleges that the unauthorized sales, purportedly perpetrated by the three defendants, not only goes against the company's well-established distribution system, but that it also diminishes Amway's reputation for their generous 180-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

Year-old Michigan franchise lawsuit continues

A former Michigan franchise owner is still involved in a lawsuit involving a piece of business real estate that he previously owned. A Michigan news website reported recently that the Cottage Inn pizza chain, which is based in Ann Arbor, is the defendant in the lawsuit by a former franchise owner.

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