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To Disclose or Not Disclose to Your Investor?

This blog is a part of the "Cleaning House" series on preparing your business for fundraising. See the first article on How to Prepare Your Business for Funding, and our second article on Cleaning House: An Audit for Your Business.

140 Proof business planning incorporates Michigan location

In order to increase profit margins, many times a business needs to expand its operations. Sometimes, this means that a business will have to incorporate the launch of a new location into its business planning . This allows the business to either reach a new location-specific market or to increase its volume of production. One out-of-state social media advertising company has decided to expand its business by opening a new location in Michigan.

University of Michigan creates hub for new business startups

When an entrepreneur has a good idea, he or she must somehow find a way to bring the idea to the marketplace in order to make a profit. Many times this will require presenting the idea to potential investors as well as directly selling to the public. The University of Michigan understands this need and has taken action to assist young entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas for new business startups.

University of Michigan business planning includes new discovery

Scientists are passionate about their work and are tireless in their efforts in making new discoveries and inventions that could potentially benefit all of society. When a scientist makes an important discovery, he or she will probably want to make sure that all of the hard work does not go to waste. This is the case with an important new discovery made at the University of Michigan, which demonstrates that light can reverse oxidation of copper. The university is now looking to move forward with business planning in order to monetize this discovery.

Michigan lawmaker proposes tax law for new business entities

Keeping up to date on the latest changes in business laws and regulations is important for any entrepreneur looking to form a new business. Some of these changes can affect how certain types of business entities are taxed. One lawmaker from Michigan is currently promoting a change in the law that will alter the tax liabilities of some business partnerships. Anybody who is looking to start a new business will want to pay attention to the details of the proposed changes in tax law.

Merck invests $600 million in new company founded in Michigan

Advancements in medical research are vital to helping medical professionals save lives and improve the health of the population. Also, medical research can lead to profits for those who are in the position to capitalize from it. This may have been the reason behind Merck deciding to invest $600 million into a new company , which focuses on biotechnology and was started at the University of Michigan.

Two Michigan entrepreneurs start new company to help farmers

When running a business, it is important to keep good books and employ accurate accounting methods. Not only does this help with making budgeting decisions, it is also necessary for tax purposes. However, many people are not as adept at accounting as they could be, due to their inability to understand the complex accounting software on the market. Two businessmen from Michigan noticed this among farmers and decided to start a new company aimed at helping farmers with their accounting tasks.

Michigan provides funds for business planning, expansion and jobs

People across the U.S. have been feeling the negative impact of the recent recession which the country is still in the process of recovering from. The economic downturn had a significant effect on employment opportunities for people in Michigan and elsewhere in the country. This is why Michigan lawmakers have taken action to create state incentives to assist in business planning to expand 14 businesses which will create approximately 4,590 jobs across the state.

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