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Congratulations Joe Bellanca

Joseph A. Bellanca, an entertainment and intellectual property attorney at Hertz Schram PC, has been named a 2014 Up & Coming Lawyer by Michigan Lawyers Weekly. This prestigious honor is awarded to attorneys in the state of Michigan who have, for the first 10 years of practice, excelled in their profession and are standouts among their peers.

2014 Victory in Federal Court for Truck Drivers based in Michigan

Over 125 independent owner-operator truck drivers ("truck drivers") entered into agreements to lease truck tractor units with the option to purchase the leased tractor unit from a Michigan based company ("leasing company"). The truck drivers who entered into the agreements with the leasing company were then obligated to have their leased trucks maintained and repaired at the leasing company's repair facility at prices the truck drivers alleged were inflated. Additionally, the leasing company deducted these maintenance charges and repairs from the compensation due to the truck drivers. The leasing company also required truck drivers to pay escrow funds, but it allegedly failed to keep proper accounting of these funds, failed to account for interest and failed to properly refund these escrow funds.

Michigan commercial real estate property hits auction block

It is unfortunate when a business is forced to close up shop, since this usually means people will be losing their jobs as a result. However, when one opportunity closes, many times another opportunity opens up in its place. This seems to have been the case after one Michigan steel company filed for bankruptcy, which resulted in its commercial real estate property being put up for auction.

Michigan commercial real estate firm enters business merger

Successful businesses are always looking for ways to expand their market and potential customer base. One way to do this is to merge with another company which may have resources that would be complimentary with the business. Bradley Co., a major commercial real estate firm in Michigan, recently announced that it has decided to take this route and merge with NAI Harding Dahm, another real estate firm.

Eli Lily sues for patent infringement in business litigation case

Just because a company has had its patent approved by regulating authorities does not mean that it no longer has anything to worry about regarding protecting its intellectual property rights. It is possible for a competing company to attempt to challenge the patent. This is what is happening in a business litigation lawsuit in federal court in a case involving a foreign drug maker with an affiliate company based in Michigan.

140 Proof business planning incorporates Michigan location

In order to increase profit margins, many times a business needs to expand its operations. Sometimes, this means that a business will have to incorporate the launch of a new location into its business planning . This allows the business to either reach a new location-specific market or to increase its volume of production. One out-of-state social media advertising company has decided to expand its business by opening a new location in Michigan.

Michigan city contributes to condo development project

There is certain infrastructure which is required to make a condo development a viable endeavor as well as a profitable investment. Since individuals and families will be living in any proposed residential development or complex, they will need proper roads, lighting and other types of infrastructure needed for everyday living. One city in Michigan recognizes this and has promised to pay for this essential infrastructure in order to help a multimillion dollar condo development project move forward.

Michigan community attracts new business with revitalization

Business thrives when it is supported by a strong surrounding infrastructure. Sometimes in order to obtain this necessary infrastructure a community will need the help of state and local government funds to improve the local area. Recently one community in Michigan was designated as a Michigan Main Street community, which means it now has access to approximately $250,000 in technical assistance to develop the community in order to make it more attractive to an entrepreneur to open a new business .

Michigan provides funds for business planning, expansion and jobs

People across the U.S. have been feeling the negative impact of the recent recession which the country is still in the process of recovering from. The economic downturn had a significant effect on employment opportunities for people in Michigan and elsewhere in the country. This is why Michigan lawmakers have taken action to create state incentives to assist in business planning to expand 14 businesses which will create approximately 4,590 jobs across the state.

Creative business planning fosters creativity in Michigan

Since the recent recession, the economy in the U.S. has changed dramatically. The stable jobs that were once there before may not be as abundant or even in existence anymore. Michigan particularly felt the effects of the recession in the state's manufacturing sector. This has caused many people to flee the struggling local economy; however, there are some people who have been able to capitalize on the current situation. These entrepreneurs have been able to harness their creativity and put it into innovative business planning .

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