Michigan hospital company hit with business lawsuit

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Many times when running a business one may decide to hire managers or supervisors in order to help manage the business operations. This can make a company more efficient and productive and therefore more profitable. However, this can also leave the company exposed to risk of business litigation lawsuits resulting from the mistreatment of employees by managers and supervisors. This is what seems to have recently happened to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Michigan.

The company is being hit with two lawsuits which allege discrimination based upon race by the hospital’s supervisors. The two lawsuits are being filed by a nurse who claims she was barred from caring for a specific patient because the nurse is African American. The nurse filed the legal complaint in mid-December. The nurse had been working at the hospital for the last 13 years.

The plaintiff claims that hospital supervisors told her she was not allowed to care for that particular patient because no African American workers were permitted to care for the specific patient. Reports have not indicated whether or not it was the patient, and not the hospital, who had made this specific request. The nurse is also accusing the hospital of denying her a promotion based upon her being African American as well as her complaints regarding racial discrimination.

On the other hand, the company will also have a chance to defend itself in the court of law in Michigan. However, the defendant company will have to come up with an effective legal argument for why it should not be held liable for the alleged actions of the company’s management personnel. This should be based upon legal theory which is backed up by evidence and testimony. Ultimately a judge will decide whether the company will prevail in the business litigation lawsuit.

Source: mlive.com, Second lawsuit in a month filed against Mary Free Bed by a nurse alleging race discrimination, Sue Thoms, Dec. 21, 2013

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