Michigan community attracts new business with revitalization

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Business thrives when it is supported by a strong surrounding infrastructure. Sometimes in order to obtain this necessary infrastructure a community will need the help of state and local government funds to improve the local area. Recently one community in Michigan was designated as a Michigan Main Street community, which means it now has access to approximately $250,000 in technical assistance to develop the community in order to make it more attractive to an entrepreneur to open a new business .

In total there are 19 areas in the state that have been designated as Michigan Main Street communities. The Main Street program was created to revitalize select downtown districts in order to preserve historic buildings and stimulate local business. By making the select districts more attractive for people to live in, it will in turn bring more customers who will buy products from local businesses as well as employ their services.

The program enables this specific Michigan district to access consultation and training. Some of the services offered include design, event production training, commercial real estate development training, as well as a variety of other important training. The residents of the community are excited about the revitalization efforts and the potential economic benefit that may come about for local businesses.

Revitalization programs such as this one in Michigan may seem attractive to an entrepreneur looking to open a new business. However, one must make sure that the business conforms to all legal requirements. This means the business person will need to do significant research regarding local rules and regulations pertaining to the specific type of business.

Source: lansingcitypulse.com, ” Downtown Lansing: A Michigan Main Street community ,” Sam Inglot, March 8, 2013

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