Class Action Filed on Behalf of Flint’s Poisoned Children

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March 29, 2016 (Flint, Michigan) Hertz Schram PC has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Flint’s children who were poisoned by drinking and bathing in its tap water.

This class action is unique in that it seeks monetary damages for all children in Flint, ages 17 and under, who consumed the lead contaminated water and suffered brain damage as a result.

Medical experts and the literature are clear that there is no safe level of lead exposure and any child who consumes lead suffers brain damage at the time of consumption. This damage is permanent and without cure.

“The officials involved in causing this tragedy have been so busy pointing fingers that they have neglected to address the needs of Flint’s children,” explains Elizabeth Thomson, Hertz Schram Litigation partner. “The damage caused by the Flint Water crisis will have a lifelong impact on these kids and their families. We have put all the officials from the top down who condemned Flint’s children to lives that will require considerable services and support on notice that they will be held accountable.”

Class Representative

The class representative has tested positive for elevated lead levels in his blood. Since he started drinking the Flint water his mother noticed that he was not able to maintain his grades and he was exhibiting poor behavior.

Background on Class Action Lawsuits

A class action lawsuit is one that is brought on behalf of a group of people who have suffered a common injury as a result of a common series of bad acts committed by a wrongdoer. This mechanism allows a single member of the group, as class representative, to come forward on behalf of everyone to seek damages for them all. This is an important legal process for those who are disadvantaged because often times it is cost prohibitive for multiple litigants to institute legal proceedings individually.

Hertz Schram PC Litigation Team

Hertz Schram partner, Elizabeth C. Thomson, is leading the team of litigators representing Flint’s children. Other members of the team include Steve Weiss, Patricia Stamler and Matthew Turchyn.

Ms. Thomson served as lead counsel in some of the largest catastrophic environmental cases in the State of Michigan. Ms. Thomson has successfuly litigated multiple class actions on behalf of Michigan residents and children against corporate polluters. Recently, she was lead counsel in the class action case against Enbridge Energy arising from the Kalamazoo River oil spill – the largest inland lake oil spill in the history of our country. Ms. Thomson also represented Detroit school children in a class action lawsuit arising from asbestos exposure obtaining monetary compensation for hundreds of families.

Steve Weiss, Hertz Schram shareholder, leads its personal injury section. He has handled a wide variety of personal injury cases, as well as other civil litigation, throughout his 36-year legal career. Steve’s experience includes class action litigation dealing with environmental and medical issues, as well as injury related cases argued before the Michigan Supreme Court.

Patricia Stamler is a partner at Hertz Schram PC, where she devotes substantial time to complex litigation and class action matters, including the recently resolved Enbridge oil spill class action.

Matthew Turchyn is an associate at Hertz Schram PC. Mr. Turchyn has extensive experience with class-action lawsuits in the areas of antitrust, civil rights, and environmental law.

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