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Michigan business owners typically run into problems as they operate their company. It is just part of the job. The same could be said regarding disputes in the business industry, whether with an employee or another company.

Business mediation is often required between parties in order to reach an agreement regarding matters like contract disputes, intellectual property or trade secrets. Sometimes, mediation is not successful and a court appearance must be made. In recent news, automotive manufacturer, Chrysler, and another Michigan company, Pure Detroit, were able to settle their ongoing business dispute.

Reportedly, the lawsuit was all over the use of a slogan: “Imported from Detroit”. A local clothing company, Pure Detroit, was using this slogan on their t-shirts. The complication stems from Chrysler using that same slogan in a Super Bowl ad in 2011 featuring Eminem.

Pure Detroit stated that Chrysler’s use of the slogan was inappropriate due to false advertisement since the said vehicles — Chrysler 200, Chrysler 300 and Chrysler Town & Country — are not built in Detroit.

However, Chrysler sued Pure Detroit for using the phrase on their t-shirts due to their use of the slogan in the Super Bowl ad. Chrysler even has an online website where they sell a wide variety of products with the printed slogan.

Regardless of the lengthy lawsuit and the claims made against one another, both companies have come to an agreement in their business dispute. With business mediation and other tactics, Chrysler and Pure Detroit have come to a mutual satisfying agreement. The terms were not disclosed, and are said to be confidential. Pure Detroit is, however, still selling t-shirts with the slogan.

Businesses may run efficiently, but that doesn’t mean they don’t run into problems. Business disputes are common in the business world, and are something that business owners should be aware of and understand how to handle. Understanding rights as a Michigan business owner and knowing the options at hand, such as business mediation, can go a long ways in handing business disputes.

Source: The Detroit News, “Pure Detroit keeps ‘Imported from Detroit’ T-shirts in settlement with Chrysler,” David Shepardson and Robert Snell, April 25, 2012

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