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Syncreon uses business planning for sale of Michigan company

Making a business plan is important for an entrepreneur, especially when he or she is in the beginning phases of a new startup company. However, business planning is also important when selling or purchasing a business which has already been operating for some time. One closely-held company, Syncreon, which is headquartered in Michigan and specializes in logistics, is now doing this type of planning as a result of intentions to sell the company for potentially $1 billion.

Tesoro incorporates algae-derived oil into its business planning

There has recently been plenty of concern regarding the negative effects that drilling for oil has on the environment. Much of this has stemmed from the various large spills at oil drilling locations which have resulted in the pollution of the environment in Michigan and elsewhere. Some oil companies are looking for new ways to produce oil without having to drill. One company, Tesoro Corp., has decided to address this concern by adding algae-derived crude oil into its business planning .

Cisco acquires Meraki as part of business planning for expansion

In business, companies must make strategic decisions based upon competition and future demand of products and services. Business owners in Michigan and elsewhere must constantly be keeping up on the latest trends in order to make decisions to be several steps ahead of the market. Cisco Inc., recently made this type of business planning decision when it purchased Meraki Inc., a closely held business, in order to add more marketable technology to the company's products and services.

Business evaluation important in sale of large oil company

Oil is big business in the worldwide economy, since it is one of the most important energy sources used in Michigan and elsewhere. This makes owning a business in the oil industry potentially quite lucrative. Business evaluation experts indicate that many oil companies are worth billions of dollars. Now the controlling family of one of these multi-billion-dollar oil companies is planning to sell their highly-profitable and closely-held company.

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