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May 2014 Archives

Commercial real estate developer may acquire historic property

People place significant importance on historical landmarks and will create public policies geared toward preserving these landmarks if possible.

However, due to the nature of historical landmarks, it can be costly to maintain the properties, especially if a property has been neglected for an extended amount of time in Michigan or in any other state. This is why one commercial real estate development company is looking to demolish a particular historic building.

Business litigation erupts over mall redevelopment project

In business, it is essential to honor one's agreements. Not only does this make for better business, it can also help to avoid future legal problems in Michigan or elsewhere. This includes proper usage of venture capital funding obtained from investors. It seems that one businessman may have failed to do this in a mall redevelopment project, and this has resulted in a business lawsuit.

Two new business ventures from Michigan win business competitions

If a person has a good idea in business, he or she may be able to make a hefty profit. However, it is also important for an entrepreneur to be able to convince investors that his or her ideas for a new business are worth investing in for a profitable return. One way to test if entrepreneurs are able to successfully present their business ideas to investors is through start-up competitions. Two Michigan companies recently proved themselves in this way by coming home with awards from national and international competitions.

Google suffers setback in latest round of business litigation

In a case that has dragged on for several years, Google has recently seemed to lose ground. An appeals judge has ruled against it in the latest round of this business litigation between Oracle and the search engine giant. While this lawsuit is not based in Michigan, the eventual outcome may affect technology users everywhere.

Ebay settles business litigation lawsuit

The free market is an important force in helping to promote economic growth in all sectors of the economy. Competition between firms is an important aspect of a free market in Michigan or in any other state. Not only is competition between firms for market share important in keeping prices low, it is also important within the labor market to make sure wages are at a fair level. However, sometimes companies may temporarily lack good judgment and end up violating laws protecting competition in the labor market, resulting in business litigation.

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