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New business in Michigan focuses on seeds and expansion

Growing pains is a universal phenomenon for human beings. This can also be said of any new business within any industry. When a business begins to grow, a business owner will have to make adjustments to the structure of the business operations in order to fully capitalize on the company's growth. One new agriculture company in Michigan is now experiencing its own growing pains as it predicts rapid growth in the near future.

In the Company of Giants

I've dealt with hundreds of start-ups and established closely held companies over 30 years of practicing law.

Sometimes people are good at asking for help and sometimes not. Good counsel and a good CPA can be invaluable relationships for any closely held business. But what if you can't afford it? There are still ways to obtain the involvement and advice of seasoned business veterans and it is an opportunity too often overlooked.

Business litigation centers around condo bylaws in Michigan

When a child is born, the community usually rejoices. However, this turned out not to be the case when a couple recently gave birth to their second child in Michigan. The condominium complex forced the couple to sell their home due to bylaws in their condominium association that forbid more than three residents in the couple's home. This resulted in a business litigation lawsuit filed against the condominium association.

School sues medical technology company in commercial litigation

Laws affecting business are generally designed to enhance economic activity within the applicable jurisdictions. This also includes laws pertaining to intellectual property rights in Michigan or in any other state. Intellectual property laws ensure that the creator of a novel business idea or technology will be able to bring the product or service to the market without worrying that somebody will steal the idea. However, disagreements over intellectual property rights can require commercial litigation in order to resolve conflicts.

Michigan fund helps with business planning for medical startups

The medical industry has always been an important part of society. Medicine has the ability to enhance the quality of life of those suffering from illness. This is why many advocate for the further development of the medical industry in order to better help those in need of medical care. One program created by the Michigan State Medical Society attempts to help develop the medical sector by assisting with business planning for startup medical businesses.

Hewlett-Packard settles securities litigation lawsuit

Corporations that sell stock shares to the public market are regulated by various securities laws. These laws are designed to keep companies responsible for the interests of the shareholders who are part owners of the companies they invest in through purchasing stocks. However, if a company ends up breaking some of these rules, it could find itself facing a securities litigation in Michigan or in any other state.

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