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January 2014 Archives

New local-centric crowdfunding portal helps new business ventures

One of the most important elements needed in starting a new business is funding to lay the groundwork for a successful company.

Procuring startup funding can be challenging for a new business, which is why startup companies should look toward every available avenue to obtain funding. One new method of obtaining venture capital is through crowdfunding. Recently, a businessman in Michigan created a new crowdfunding portal to help new companies get off the ground.

McDonald's faces another hot coffee commercial litigation lawsuit

It is essential for a business to maintain the safety of its work environment for its employees as well as its customers.

This can be particularly important for a fast food business in Michigan or any other state. These businesses can be sued by those who are injured by negligent acts of a company's staff even if the owners of the business did not personally do anything wrong. McDonald's seems to be experiencing this in a recent commercial litigation case filed by a customer.

New company focuses on app technology, stays in Michigan

Where one chooses to initiate a startup business is important and can mean the difference between success and failure. Although historically technology startup companies have not looked to Michigan as a fruitful place to begin a new technology firm, this view has significantly changed over the recent years. Now, Michigan is seen as a strategic location for starting a new company focusing on technology.

Michigan hospital company hit with business lawsuit

Many times when running a business one may decide to hire managers or supervisors in order to help manage the business operations. This can make a company more efficient and productive and therefore more profitable. However, this can also leave the company exposed to risk of business litigation lawsuits resulting from the mistreatment of employees by managers and supervisors. This is what seems to have recently happened to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Michigan.

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