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December 2013 Archives

Former CME Managing Director facing breach of contract suit

Many times when a person is working for a company, he or she is required to agree to certain terms of employment. This often includes a non-compete clause that bars the worker from obtaining employment with a competing firm within a certain period after ending his or her employment with the current company. If a Michigan worker does not comply with these terms, it could lead to a breach of contract lawsuit.

New company capitalizes on solar energy product in Michigan

Most scientists believe that carbon emissions are harmful to the environment in one way or another. This is why scientists are constantly looking for better ways to utilize alternative energy sources, such as solar power. Technological advancements in this field can also enable a new business to make a profit with the proper business planning . One professor from Michigan has started a new company in hopes of capitalizing on its solar energy product.

Michigan real estate company faces business litigation

A good idea can be worth a fortune. This is the reason why intellectual property laws were created in order to allow people with good ideas and original concepts to have a chance to make their fortunes. This includes protection for trademarks which can be valuable, especially for well-known businesses or entities with a respected reputation. Recently, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) filed a business litigation lawsuit in order to protect its intellectual property rights to its own trademark.

Drum maker begins business planning process in Michigan

In many types of musical genres, drums act as the backbone to the music. However, when starting a business, financing is the backbone of business formation . Start-up financing is what one entrepreneur is now looking for in his plan to start a new custom drum-making company. The 60-year-old entrepreneur has already started operating in a modest shop space in Michigan and is currently in the business planning process to expand the company.

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