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November 2013 Archives

New company improves on common heart monitor

Advancements in technology have revolutionized how people maintain and monitor their health. When the heart monitor was invented, it gave individuals the ability to track their own heart rate, which can be important for athletes or people in Michigan with certain types of diseases or medical complications. However, there is always room for continued innovation and improvement. One new company believes it has improved on the heart monitor and plans to make a profit from its invention.

Entrepreneurs compete in Michigan business planning competition

It is important for the local community to encourage new start-up businesses since they play a significant part in keeping the local economy vibrant and healthy. New businesses are a potential source of new jobs which can ultimately stimulate consumer spending. With the proper business planning , a new company will create a product or provide a service that is valuable to the community which creates economic growth. This is the idea behind the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition, which aims to support new business es in the state.

Cemetery prevails in business litigation in Michigan

Death is a serious matter. This is especially true when one is operating a cemetery business. However, this means the company's clients take this matter seriously as well, which could lead to possible business litigation lawsuits and contract disputes if there is a mistake made at the cemetery. One woman decided to sue a cemetery in Michigan after it made a mistake regarding the burial of her parents.

Company files commercial litigation against Michigan Works

When a government entity is required to hire a private company for work projects, the government agency is required to be unbiased when looking at bids for projects from private companies. However, when a government entity fails to follow these rules, it could be unfairly detrimental to certain companies. Luckily, for these companies, they have the option of filing a commercial litigation lawsuit in an attempt to recoup monetary losses. This seems to be what is happening with a recent lawsuit against Michigan Works.

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