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September 2013 Archives

JP Morgan may face consumer class actions from millions

One's Social Security number is an important identification tool and is used by various regulatory agencies and businesses to identify an individual. However, it is also an important tool for identity thieves who are looking to commit fraud by accessing somebody's financial accounts or any other account. This is why financial institutions in Michigan and elsewhere are required by law to take certain actions to prevent the Social Security numbers of their customers from identity theft. Unfortunately, one bank seems to have failed to do this which could result in consumer class actions against the financial institution.

Michigan food trucks started with new business grants

While it's common sense that everyone needs food to survive, food can also be a integral way for business people to express their entrepreneurship. There are many businesses related to food which are available to entrepreneurs. Although most people will first think of starting a restaurant, there are many non-traditional business avenues one may choose in the food industry when starting a new business . One of these alternative options are food trucks, which have been on the rise recently throughout Michigan.

2 Michigan commercial real estate firms merge together

Companies are always looking for ways to expand their business in order to increase profits. One of the best ways to do this is through collaboration with another company, which will help pool resources and networks of the two companies in order to better capitalize on the market. This is what two commercial real estate firms had recently decided to do when they decided to merge the two Michigan companies.

Michigan company focuses business planning on digital media

Digital media used to be called the future, but nowadays it is the way of the world. People use the Internet, social media and other digital media to communicate messages to each other almost constantly now. One Michigan company recognized this and has focused its business planning around capitalizing on the influence of digital media.

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